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Selecting And Sending The Right E-Greeting Card

Aug 17, 2007
Greeting a loved one on a special occasion is part of tradition. This could even be a quick hello or a miss you. A greeting not only connects two people, it also improves relations. Greeting cards are an excellent way of staying in touch with family and friends, to make it known that they are thought of.

The advancing technology dishes out something new each day. With the advent of the Internet, it has become very easy to express your feelings for another, without actually being there. In case of a sweet I love you, even though the relation may not have reached a point of total expression, you feel very empowered to give full vent to your inner most feelings. You would find it hard to identify a single person who disregards an e-greeting card.

Besides expressing feelings, e-greeting cards come handy when you have to wish someone on a festive or any joyous occasion. Today, technology provides us a way of being human even in the machine age.

How to select the right e-card?

You ought to look at the attributes of an e-greeting card before sending it. For instance, in case of birthdays cards make sure the card is unique and distinctive, as the person would receive many cards on that day. So, select an e-card that would establish a better connection. You cannot afford to randomly click on any site, select any e-card and send it across.

Before sending an e-card, take into consideration, the personality of the recipient and the relation you share with that person. If the person you are sending the card to is a very jovial and loving person, sending a sober card would not make him/her feel better, rather it would end up coming across as boring. If you are not very close to the person you are sending the card to, opt for a neutral card to avoid any embarrassment.

Always read the message before sending it. Greetings convey a lot of things about you and your feelings about the recipient. Think about the recipient of the card, would that person feel happy after reading the greeting? If you are very close to the recipient, would the card amply convey your closeness or your feelings? You ought to take these aspects in mind while choosing an e-greeting card.

How to send the card?

When sending the card, begin by clicking on the category of your choice. After you are in the right category, click on the greeting card you would like to send. What you click on would be only a thumbnail, after clicking on it you would be directed to a larger picture of the greeting along with a form, on which you have to fill out the your email address, the recipient email address, and the message you would like to send. After you fill in all in the details in the information, click on the send button to dispatch card. You can either send it on the same day or on a later date.
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