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Aug 17, 2007
Formality in writing letters is a big issue, except if you are writing to a friend. We have been studying on how to write letters since high-school. We are taught on how indents should be, about the parts of a letter and the kinds of letters. That said, since writing a letter is a means of communication, then the way it is written is very crucial. There are neither facial expressions nor voice intonations.

Letters are being sent and received everyday. Different kinds of letters deliver different kinds of news. Families check on other families and friends use letters to update on each other's lives. In the business sector, there are notification letters, invitations and such. Though they may not deliver the same news, they all have one thing in common - letterheads.

Letterheads represent the company's logo or if you are in a sole proprietorship your name printed on stationery along with other important information. How a person sees the company is affected by them. If you are writing as a representative of the company you are working for, then it is best to put a letterhead. If you are just an apprentice, here is a list of the basic information that you should include in your letterhead.

1. Company's name or your name is important. This verifies that the letter came from you.

2. The logo makes everything official. Never let anyone else get a copy of your logo. They might use it for illegal purposes. Anything with your logo on it obviously has something to do with you.

3. The company or your address is also an essential part of a letterhead. This way, the recipient will not have a hard time sending a reply to your letter. If he does, then it is not your fault anymore.

4. Telephone number is for contact purposes. The recipient may want to contact you even after you have settled the deal. Who knows that maybe he found handling a transaction with you is easy and fast, he might want to do business with you again. So don't forget to include this in your letterhead.

5. With the internet, you might think that there is no use for fax machines. But if getting one would not cause you trouble, get one then. A lot of companies still use fax machines. If you already have one, don't forget to put the number in your letterhead, too.
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