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Surviving The Corporate Jungle

Aug 17, 2007
In camping, we have our own survival kit. This could include food, different kinds of knives, compass, ropes of assorted lengths, first aid kit and some pieces of clothing to name a few. Having these could help us endure the life in the woods for a few days or more. We could even welcome the thought of settling there.

Being in the corporate world will require you to have the important tools needed for you to survive, too. Unlike the survival kit for camping, these are a bit more expensive. But hey, you will be spending time at the office more than you could imagine. What with the overtimes and even unexpected important meetings late at night, you wouldn't want to be running from your house to the office back and forth due to the things you might have forgotten. So you should better set your office right and make it your home away from home.

1. A desk with enough drawers to place in important and personal stuff will be very convenient. Make sure that the drawers have keys and locks with them. Always remember where you regularly put the keys.

2. A comfortable chair is very crucial. You will be spending a lot of time sitting in that chair so make sure it doesn't hurt your back or something like that. A movable chair with wheels is your best bet. It can make you do your work fast and easy.

3. Filing cabinets are there to obviously help you organize your files. These are very helpful, not only to secretaries but also to department heads of various enterprises that will need space to stock important documents.

4. Computers are a must. They are more efficient compared to typewriters. You can keep a soft copy of files and not worry about losing them. Make sure you bring them to a trusted technician for check-ups every once in a while. This is to ensure that the computer is in sound condition and to avoid out-of-the-blue hang-ups.

5. You will need every kind of way to communicate once you are in the office. These will include a telephone and a fax machine. A more formal way of communicating is using telephones rather than cellular phones. Though having a cellphone will have a lot of advantages, a lot prefer the classic way of getting in touch. So you might want to think about getting both. Though we now have emails fax machines are still being used in some small-scale industries. If you want to expand your business and touch people from all walks of life, make sure people can connect with you both online and offline.

6. Make sure that your office doesn't look too basic. Get some comfy seats for your waiting area in case your job means having people to wait for you. A good coffee maker will also do wonders.
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