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Using SEO Strategies To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Free traffic can come from various places. Here are some of the places that you can receive free traffic to your site.


Many general directories also accept submissions for free. There are also many general directories that accept submissions for free. By submitting to free directories it allows a link that points back to your site. There are hundreds to thousands of directories on the web. The downside is that is very time consuming and one of the best ways to submit to all of these directories is to join a directory submission service. When looking at directory submission services make sure they offer the following.

1. A Test package to test their service. This should be inexpensive to try and if you decide to use the service make sure they refund you the amount you paid to test.

2. Make sure you receive the reports. A submission report and snapshot report. The snapshot report is a report the shows the directory with your information filled in. The ability to logon to the system to see the progress of your submissions

3. The ability to add more than one title, description, category and keywords.

4. Make sure the directory submission service offers a package that will continually submit your site to directories forever. You pay one price and as the directory submission service adds more directories your site is added automatically for no charge.


Articles will also bring link popularity. Writing articles are not difficult at all, before you consider writing though you need to research your topic so that you actually know what you're writing about. Due to its viral nature on the internet, articles that are published on websites and in newsletters of other ezine publishers will bring your website traffic. With each new article and publishing, your articles will reach more people building both traffic and branding

Ezine publishers hungering for good, quality information to provide to their subscribers will include some of these articles in their own publications. Soon, your articles are making their way across the Internet. Webmasters spend a lot of time looking for good content for their websites and for their ezines. When readers read your article they think of you as an expert in the field that you wrote about, this helps by gaining expert credibility and pre-selling the product.. Writing articles is an effective way of getting links.


So an excellent way to generate lots of links is posting to blogs with your keyword as an anchor. Make sure the posts are not spam or the blog owner will delete your post. Read the blog and write something intelligent that's fits the blog theme. When writing make sure you fit in your keyword you are going to use to create the link back to your site.


You can build a very large mailing list, and by doing this will create bursts of traffic and some even say the list is more important than search engine traffic. Mailing list is used to send the messages to its subscribers; auto responders gather subscribers, and then it sends messages automatically. The whole idea is to have a constantly growing opt in email list of their targeted audience. In the long term the list will grow large enough to be very profitable to the site owner.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies to get highly placed in the results of a search, ideally on the first page, for free. All these will contribute to your page ranking higher for the keyword you are gunning for and allow you to earn money online with ease. Combining good on-page and off-page optimization is a deadly strategy for getting floods of free traffic that will let you earn money online non-stop.

The beautiful thing about free traffic is that it is always free.
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David Marc Fishman owns a service that will submit your site to web site directory s for gaining links. Free directory s is one way of getting one way links. Submitting to many directory listings will promote your website and get it ranked.
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