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Website Design To Improve Sales

Aug 17, 2007
You have better chances of increasing and improving sales, if your website has been designed in a better manner. Many researches have clearly indicated that a site's ease of navigation and its being user friendly are the key factors in persuading shoppers to purchase from that e-commerce site. So the question remains, "What do I have to do to improve and make my site easy for shoppers to use?"

Before making any changes on your website design, it is suggested that you examine your current site's level of usability by conducting a simply user test wherein you find users, carefully observe as they shop from your site and record any observations, feedbacks and trends.

There are basically several factors that contribute to a website to losing sales. Poor selection of merchandise and inadequate information are two of such factors. A site that does not appear to be credible to shoppers would also be another factor.

It is also important that websites enable their shoppers to easily find and locate what exactly they are looking for. Quite often, websites have poor categorization of their products. Aside from this, it is also essential that shoppers be able to easily narrow down their choices when shopping. Having such a broad product range can appeal to many buyers but in the end confuse the search. Having too many choices can overwhelm shoppers who end up not buying anything at all when they get confused.

Information about the product is very much important for any potential buyer. Product descriptions should always be on the middle ground. This means that the description should contain comprehensible information especially for those who are not highly educated as well as specific product details for those who have a strong knowledge about it. Shoppers should be able to enlarge the product's photo to get a good look at how the product looks like.

In overcoming the factor involving the website's credibility, you could always post on your website to assure your visitors and shoppers that their provided email addresses and information will not in any way be provided to other parties. Always emphasize your physical presence by providing a mailing address, a contact number, email and if possible a photograph of the building or warehouse as well as a picture of the CEO or owner of the company for instance.

A clearly designed website with user friendly interface for ease of navigation, a fast checkout system and product descriptions that can persuade buyers can greatly make your website effective in generating more sales.
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