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Networkers Outraged: Internet Promoters Set Bad Example

Aug 17, 2007
Many websites show: Massive dollars and pitches lure the innocent into thinking easy money is made with no effort.

Many Professional Networkers are angry that so many outrageous statements are being made about the massive amount of money to be made overnight and with little effort. Network Marketing Professionals are fighting back with positive websites and forum postings setting the record straight.

Many web postings on Yahoo and MSN in the Networking areas verify and describe the tactic of easy money with no effort as misleading and irresponsible. Unbelievable claims of overnight riches by just posting a website keep many professionals continuously mad over the statements. "Often, these promoters have NEVER built any organization of value yet they are self proclaimed authorities", says one irate professional.

One headline claims, "My friend makes $70K a day!" Another proclaims, "I made $20 Million last year!" We were unable to verify these numbers at this time.

These website promote easy, fast and no effort businesses as a marketing strategy. Then move you quickly into their products to show you the "no work" way. "Just sit on your rear end and money flows", states one headline. Another shout, "I made $200,000 in 20 minutes!"

Investigation into one website revealed a 20 year old had purchased a tem plated website and set himself up as a multimillionaire as part of the package. (Or associates of a millionaire.) Our source stated he had made less than $100 the last month.

According to the Direct Selling Association, the industry standard is about $100 per month for active members in any direct selling venture.

Our sources show that many network marketing professionals have no problem in stating that there is money to be made and that it can be made relatively faster than conventional means but not overnight and not with zero effort.

One MLM rep observed, "Most people have had some experience with a home based business opportunity and it didn't go well. These promoters seemed to be preying on their lack of information about the industry and general success principles of any business."

Many Networkers try exposing the excessive monthly income claims with these home based business venture promoters. But we discovered that many of these seem only putting their own spin for their own company. One site disputes the claims but touts their own company as the solution. They expose the ridiculous but have only their company as the solution.

Another segment promotes getting the facts and then once you are beyond the front page, they totally bash the entire industry once you have entered their site. Many have pages of each company and all the dirt of a grocery store weekly magazine.

We did find some sites maintained by what looks like legitimate attempts to share the proper info. Many had a balance of information and content without the marketing hype.

"After keeping quiet about all the outrageous claims about easy money to be made, it's time to get the right information out there. I know that with the right knowledge of how to select a company and how to ask the right questions that it will save people a lot of money and time", says Dave Lovett, a leader in the network marketing industry.

Mr. Lovett started his first networking business in 1983 after working in the corporate world for many years and has been in business for himself for over 25 years.

"I love the home based business field and know a lot of people who just can't figure out how to find a legitimate networking business. They're almost fearful about the area. It doesn't help that so many are making so many false claims".

We found that there are many sites that do not promote or recommend any particular home based business opportunity or network marketing company. They are not critical of the industry and they do build upon the positive side of the opportunity.
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