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How To Get A Home Office Deduction

Aug 17, 2007
Those who are tired of working for someone else may choose to start up a business. Since the capital for starting a business outside the home is quite big, you can choose to start a home based business instead, then expand it from there.

As an employee, you are required to pay a certain portion to the government in the form of tax. Entrepreneurs who work from home are able to save some money since a home office qualifies you for some tax advantages.

The basic definition of a home office is a place where the entrepreneur performs administrative and management duties. It doesn't matter what kind of business you engage in, as long as you work from a room in the house, it is deductible.

Here are the requirements in further detail that could help you with some home office tax deductions.

In order to get these deductions, the first thing to do is to designate a certain area in the house to be used for the business. This must only be used for work at all times so nothing personal must be done here such as watching television.

Since the home office is centralized, supplies and other material that are important must be stored here and not in other places such as the attic or the garage.

The guidelines are very strict for those who claim to have a home business and want to get a tax deduction. Documents must be presented since there have been incidents of people claiming to have a home office they work from, but really don't. Those found guilty are charged with tax fraud.

You can take some pictures, print some business cards, show diagrams and files of previous clients. Official receipts for payments such as rent, house payments, utilities, repairs and improvements can also be shown as evidence.

The entrepreneur must also be ready to present the Profit and Loss Statement to the IRS regardless if money is being made or if the business is in the red. If everything checks out, the Internal Revenue Service will approve the tax request.

Anyone who decides to start up a business and operate it from the home knows very well this is a smart gamble. Proper management can ensure its profitability while doing it poorly will mean its failure.

The government for its part gives tax deductions as an incentive so that more people out there will be encouraged to start a home business. This is not only good for you but for the economy of the country as well.
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