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How To Use Dry eBay Auctions To Your Advantage

Aug 17, 2007
Some auctions get many bids, but some go much more slowly. Auctions are slower during the summer as opposed to Winter months.

Sales on eBay are slowing each year, as more sellers than buyers sign up, hoping to get rich quick. There are a number of ways that you can take advantage of slower auctions to get the best price for your bid.

Wait Before Bidding.

If you decide to place your bid, the item grows in popularity, and the more people become interested potential bidders. This is great for the seller but not so much for the buyer, as it potentially will increase the end price of the auction, which to a buyer, ruins the whole point of an

Use Best Offers To Steal The Deal.

If the seller is selling an item using the eBay Best Offer feature, and it still has not sold when the auction is about to end, then make the seller an offer. They will normally only be too happy to accept. Best Offer listings are usually determined on the previous saleability of the item in question. If the item has struggled to sell, then this is an indication of why this feature has been added to the listing. You will be sure to grab a bargain, so take advantage whilst you can.

Be A Critique Buyer.

Politely scrutinise the item for sale, by emailing the seller, and making it clear that you do not want to purchase a poor quality item. This will make the seller easier to negotiate with thus boosting your chance of a bargain.

Do Not Feel Guilty.

There really are too many sellers on eBay now, to the point where you can get common items at very low prices. Long-term, this will probably force those sellers out of business, but that is the way a market works - it is supply and demand. When approaching auction sellers, it is a buyers market, stay positive and in control of the outcome of your approach.

Bulk Buy Negotiations.

Use negotiation tactics with the seller during slow auction periods on eBay. Approach the seller and make sure you offer to buy many more than one item they have for sale. This way you can basially control the price they sell for. Plus if you secure one deal, the seller will be favourable to do business with you again, for a bulk deal.

Using eBay correctly takes a slight learning curve of trial and error. It becomes easier the longer you spend using these techniques. As I solely sell information products in the form of eBooks, these rules still apply. No matter what you sell on eBay, these techniques will help you secure the deal you deserve!
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Ray Johnson trades on eBay under the username e.z.sell_ebooks.

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