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Women Speak Up! Your Job Growth Depends On It!

Aug 17, 2007
Women unite! If you plan to see any serious job growth, you must be ready to communicate assertively on the job, especially with your boss.

Of course, job growth depends on many factors. But one that is often overlooked is how important it is to represent yourself and your opinions correctly and effectively. In fact, your job growth depends on it.

A noted career coach, Molly Dickinson Shepard, points out that men get more than their share of money and power in the American workplace.

She advises women to step up to the competitive plate by excelling in communication --gaining an advantage by practicing talking tips:

1. Speak up in business meetings. Don't wait too long to present a decisive, briefly worded opinion.

2. Stick to the big picture. Details are what make men think they ramble.

3. State your point briefly--and then stop talking. Silence gives others a chance to digest what you say, and respond intelligently.

4. Don't sit where the boss can't see you. If the room is crowded, stand up so you can be heard.

5. Assertive speech is good, aggressive is bad.

Shepard's tips are aimed at women in business meetings while on the job. But, her informative approach applies equally to women who are engaging a prospective employer before a job comes along.

In both cases your job growth success will not depend on what you used to do, but on how well you can communicate who you are and what you can do going forward.

For example, in the job search process, it's a serious mistake to let your resume do the talking. Women often make the mistake of not speaking up for fear they will somehow offend. Just the opposite is true.

Employers need to see how you handle yourself live. They're not going to make a hiring decision about you based on your resume. Being a wallflower in an interview means you'll also go unnoticed when it's time for a hiring decision.

In other words, if you aren't speaking at least 50% of the time you're in front of your next employer, you're missing an opportunity to reveal how you solve problems, think creatively, and present the contributions you can make going forward.

When you stand out in an employer's mind because you assertively speak up you seriously advance your job growth opportunities. It's worth practicing for.
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