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Cleaning Up SEO Negatives

Aug 17, 2007
It is the goal of a good business person to try to please their customers as much as possible, but the reality is that you cannot please all of the people all of the time, and sometimes people, who are not pleased with your company for whatever reason, decide to register negative comments about your company in online blogs and forums. These not so shining comments can end up in search engine results and downgrade your ranking and internet image, costing your company money.

Now of course everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion, our constitution allows for freedom of speech, however it is possible to clean up SEO negatives such as lackluster or blatant company character assault reviews and comments in blogs and forums. You can even clean up negative reviews from search engine results as well. It is your right to defend your company and its online ranking, image and presence against unfair or highly prejudicial statements, because let's face it image is everything.

You have the best chance of cleaning up these SEO negatives if your company offers high quality products and services, including good customer service. People can read between the lines of negative PR, because we all know that you can not please everyone all of the time and some people you can never please. It is harder to find positives by reading between the lines of companies that have gotten a lot of negative PR, than those that have just a few negative remarks about them.

Confident that your company is an upstanding business that is not worthy of having a negative light cast upon it, there are a few things you can do in an attempt to clean up the SEO negatives of inflammatory comments in online blogs and forums that find their way into search engine results.

For starters you might consider sending a polite email to the webmasters where the negative entries have been found and explaining your side of the story to them, and inquiring about the possibility of removing these comments from the blog or forum. Avoid the impulse to make equally negative comments about the author of the negative entry in question. You do not want to be viewed as hostile or unfriendly as this might lend undue credence to the negative statements made.

Request testimonials from satisfied clients and display them proudly through a direct link to your website and place that website link in online gathering places. These will find their way into search engines and the positive load of results coming from several sources will flush negative results from the search engines.

Use online encyclopedias or information databases to enter your own articles describing your company and the products and services your company provides, remember to add the link back to your positive testimonials and your website in your articles. Wikipedia is one such resource where you can submit original articles about your company.

Consider using software like IBP and others that are designed to help place your website among the top ranked websites in search engine results. If you are not comfortable with using software or just do not have the time, you might consider hiring a software specialist to do the work for you.

Finally, hang tight and think postively. It can take awhile to clean up SEO negatives that people, who have decided for whatever reason they are not pleased with your company, have published online. But do not let a few negative people and their comments deter you from continuing with your goals of being successful in business. With some effort, time, and providing of high quality products and services, you can turn a downgrade due to negative PR into an upgrade with positive PR and an upgrade in sales and profits.
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