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Creating Your Products From Public Domain Content

Aug 17, 2007
One of the easiest things to do with public domain material is to simply make a collection of works. It is best to deal with works that are short, such as poems and short stories. There are several directions that you can go with this. I will give you a few suggestions here. Mind you, these are not the be all and end all. They are just a few of the many things you can do.

The first thing is to go with the most popular public domain poet or author that you can find. Take their most famous works, probably about 8 to 12, and put them into a book. Will there be other books out there with these collections? Probably, but at least you know there will be a demand for them. To get your share of the pie, simply use the advertising methods I've outlined in previous articles and get the word out. You'll make your share of sales with hard work.

Another route you can go is to take the same famous author and find their lesser known works. Then, publish a book with a title something like 'The Unknown Works of' or 'The Little Known Works of' This is certainly to draw some interest from fans of the author who aren't familiar with these works.

Some people take a totally different direction. They look for works from a relatively unknown author. The first thing they do though is to read these works to see if they are any good. If they find a gold mine, they publish these works using a title something like 'The Literary Genius of the Unknown' The people you are going to attract with this kind of book are avid readers who are constantly looking for old authors that nobody has ever heard of. Believe me, they exist, the authors and the people looking for them.

Now, the above is a small market because there aren't that many of these people. But, there is also almost no competition either. This is kind of like long tail keyword promotion where you find a niche where very few people are doing searches each month combined with a very few number of competing sites coming up in the search. In the case of public domain works, this competition will be even less. Why? The same reason why you took a look at this topic and said to yourself, 'Why would anybody care?' Well, if you just type the words 'public domain' into a Google search engine, you will find over 62 million sites. If there is that much info out there on public domain, then somebody has got to be interested in this stuff, otherwise a lot of people are wasting a lot of time.

The things that you can do with public domain works are limited only by your imagination. The point is, there are a ton of works out there that you don't have to do much with in order to make an income from them. You just have to find the time to put in the legwork to first find the work, and then decide what it is you want to do with it.

And again, for those of you who think there is no money in stuff that is almost 100 years old, take a look at what Walt Disney did and what Ted Turner just recently did with all those public domain movies.

The money is there to be had. You just have to go out and get it.
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