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The Best Newspaper Section For Your Cleaning Company's Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
The best section depends on your newspaper and your target prospect. You'll want to market to homeowners who are more likely to be able to afford your service. If the person that typically calls you is the female of the house, you'll want to advertise in a section she is likely to see. In that case, stay out of the Sports section.

The Main section is always a safe bet. Readers feel compelled to read at least the main section or they don't think they got value out of their subscription. The Local section is the next best choice because your newspaper ad can appear to be a local newsworthy advertisement.

If your paper has an Entertainment section that is very popular, test it out. If your paper has a Real Estate section, test that out too. Many cleaning companies find the Entertainment section to work well because of the amount of people who read it. The right ad concept can be profitable in the real estate section too.

The Movie or Obituary page can work well if your target market is likely to look at that page regularly. Usually, the younger readers look at the movie page and older readers look at the obituaries. Test your page based on what your target prospect reads.

It's wise to advertise in the same section repeatedly. People read the same sections every time they pick up a newspaper. Your company will have brand recognition after 8-12 impressions on one reader. Some who need you right away will call after seeing your ad for the first time. For the readers who are a little interested but not ready to call, you're making an impression for when they may need you. What really makes the ad profitable is when you create such a compelling ad the reader picks up the phone and calls that day, even if she wasn't in the need of your service. It can happen with a well written ad. Your newspaper ad should give you at least a three-time return the first week it is run. If it doesn't, try changing the copy until it does.

Sunday is more expensive, but the best day to place your ad. The second best would be Saturday as people often spend their morning at home. The remainder of the week, you should advertise on the days coupons come out if your target prospect is female.
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