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MLM Doesn't Mean Most Lose Money

Aug 17, 2007
You've probably heard it before, MLM, most lose money. The sad fact is that a lot of people never make any money in MLM, but the industry isn't always to blame.

I was an MLM failure for many years, but it was my own fault, and if the masses of MLM failures would ever really look at their own performance, they would admit it too.

Most people have been trained to become employees. Go to school, get good grades and get a good job. Who hasn't heard that more than a hundred times? If we're honest, who hasn't said those very words to their own children? What does go to school etc. really get you?

You work for somebody else for years building their dream, helping them become successful. That's why so many people eventually turn to MLM for a better life. So why do so many people fail?

1. Unrealistic expectations - Many people work hard all of their lives and never become successful, but as soon as they join an MLM company they expect to become a huge success overnight. It just isn't going to happen. After a few weeks when they haven't already become wealthy or achieved unbelievable MLM success, they quit. Do they ever look in the mirror and blame themselves? No way. They scream for all to hear, MLM doesn't work!

What they fail to say is that they didn't work.

2. No MLM training - The industry deserves a black eye for this one. Most people get the "go get 'em tiger" training package. Company training is usually inadequate. Leaders in most companies are so focused on their own ego they spend more time building themselves up, and very little time actually caring about the very people that they promise to help.

So how can you become successful? Do not expect to get rich quick. So many MLM companies and distributors have been preaching the "you can make a fortune with very little work" message for so long that they have caused their own demise.

Realize that the most important factor in your success is overlooked by almost everyone. The person you decide to become involved with is more important than anything else. If you make the right decision and find somebody that has not only become successful, but somebody that has taught others how to become successful, you increase your chance for success dramatically.

Choose your upline wisely. Find out if you really want to have a long-term business relationship with them. Then make the decision to ignore negative people in your life and follow the leader that you have chosen. MLM success may not be easy, but it's a whole lot easier than giving up your entire life building somebody else's dreams.
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