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How to Build an Active Downline

Aug 17, 2007
I remembered when I 1st got started online, I came across an ebook showing me how I could get rich setting up a simple website. Problem is that after the website was set up, there was no clear instructions on where to go after that.

And because that website was MLM in nature, it means a monthly sum had to be paid. If I was a casualty, there must have been alot more who were in the same shoes. So after much deliberation, I stepped back to try and see the whole picture.

What went wrong? Why was it that after I did what the book said, nothing happened? Why did not the earth move like it said it would?

Looking back now, I wish I knew then what I know now. Success in online MLM means teaching everything that you know to your downline, so that they can duplicate you. Setting up a website doesn't mean you're going to get rich, they entire sales formula, training is important.

Its like golf, you can't be good at the Driver, while your iron play and game around the green is not up to scratch. Everything within the marketing formula needs to be well oiled, this includes

-Training (Teaching you with Audio and Video)
-Traffic formula (How many Articles it takes to earn $500 for example)
-Sales Funnel (Is there a One time offer, how strong is the sales argument)
-Reliable way for members to receive their cash (Is payment by Cheques or Cash Card)
-Duplication prospecting system (simple Formula that allows everyone to find success)
-Outsourcing of certain aspects of the prospecting system if necessary (Lead sources)
-Options for Free as well as paid advertising so that those with a small marketing budget can still earn (Implemented with a Tell-A-Friend Script)
-Ability to find "Blue Oceans". You can't advertise in Ezines or Traffic Exchanges when that venue is already saturated.

Lacking anyone of these, and your MLM model is not going to work, no matter how much you believe it will. Sometimes the only way to know which is lacking is just to generate traffic to the site and watch the conversions, see what happens. In other words, track everything as much as possible. Once we have the numbers, we can proceed to plug the problems swiftly.

Solve the problem of leads, free advertising, traffic generation, cash flow, and you will be in the top ranks of the 5% that have learnt how to build an active downline and also earn splendid recurring income online.
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