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Turn Knowledge In Your Head Into Profit-Spinning Products & Content - In 5 Easy Steps

Aug 17, 2007
There are just five steps to turn your hard-earned experience, knowledge and wisdom into an information product others want - and are glad to pay you for.

Stock taking - Market and Keyword research - Content Creation - Profit Models - Marketing

Take Stock

First, take stock. Think about what you know, at a higher, deeper, 'expert' level. They could be related to your work, your life experience, your education, your family circumstances, religious beliefs, personality, hobbies or anything at all.

It has to be something you are passionate about, know at a more than casual level, and are eager to share with others in a way that will benefit them massively.

Research Your Market

Next, study the market demand for what you know. If you are passionate about the mating habits of fresh water newts, it would be 'sterile' knowledge - unless you know there are huge crowds of others like you who also find it fascinating, and want to know more!

Research the demand for the kind of information you possess. Try and locate groups of people who want what you know, and see if you can access them easily enough to market your product to easily.

Create Content

The third step is to create content. This should come easy to you if you have correctly identified a topic you are passionate about. Experts who know their subject would find creating an information product - or ten - as easy as falling off a log!

Study Profit Models

Once you have identified a niche, studied market demand and planned the product creation process, you need to think about ways to turn the information into profit.

Things are complex - yet, at their core, they are simple. And at a very basic level, there are only 3 'models' infopreneurs use.

#1 - Direct Selling
#2 - Content Publishing
#3 - Lead Generating

'Direct 'selling' involves, as the name suggests, creating an information product, writing a sales letter to share it with others in exchange for a payment, and then convincing a prospect that your offer is worth accepting - and finally, completing the transaction.

'Selling' doesn't have to involve only products. It could be a subscription to your list, a registration to your coaching program, a decision to call your toll-free number or drive up to your store or mail in a rebate coupon.

If your online business aims to 'sell' a product or service, your desired end point is to get the order. If it aims to 'sell' a subscription, your goal is to get a prospect to sign up to your mailing list. If it strives to convince a visitor to make a decision, success is measured by how many of them actually make it.

Content publishing is the second model. 'Content' is defined as a lot more than simply words on a webpage - it is anything that is consumed by a visitor to your site.

Articles are content. So are graphics, video, audio and other forms of multimedia. Software, scripts and applications are content too. And in this model, the content becomes a driver that pulls prospects into your vortex, so you can work out methods and systems to monetize them.

Lead generating is the third model, where the business focuses entirely upon getting targeted prospects to raise their hands and identify themselves. Variations on the theme involve incentives handed out to get the right prospects to respond, and follow up processes that enhance conversion of a 'warm' prospect into a red-hot customer. These leads are worked, sold, rented or brokered out for a profit.

Almost every kind of online infopreneuring model fits into one (or sometimes a combination) of these 3 basic models.

Start Marketing

Once you have completed the previous steps, all that's left is to take massive action - and promote your information resource to as wide an audience as possible. Study marketing. Plan promotions. Run advertising campaigns.

Your goal is to reach ideally qualified prospects with a compelling message that convinces them to access your content - and pay you for the privilege.

In a nutshell, these 5 steps are the essence to reaping rich profits as an Internet infopreneur. So, when are you going to begin?
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