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How to Flip Switch & Get Your Customers to Buy Your Second Product? - Instantly

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to get your customers to buy your second product, then the third one, and so on, then this might be the most important article you'll ever read.

Have you ever imagined why your customers don't buy your second product once they purchase your first product?

This article will show you some powerful reasons for the same. Once you understand them, you can correct them and you will instantly flip switch your marketing system to convert your customers into life time ever paying customers at your command.

Here YOU Go...

Reason 1 - Fail to Introduce Another Product.

You failed to follow up after the first sale. After the sale you could have introduced a second related product in the thank you e-mail.

If you introduce some related product instantly after the sale, the customers instantly grab them as they still have their credit card in hand.

Reason 2 - Delay in Shipping Your Product.

You failed to ship the product in time you stated. If they wanted your product in a hurry and you didn't provide them, they won't rely on you again.

Reason 3 - Product Failed On Your Promises.

Your product did not deliver as per your promises. If your product did not accomplish their desired goal they surely won't try out your second product and risk their valuable money once again.

Reason 4 - Low Quality Customer Support.

Your customer couldn't get in touch with you when they had a "after question" sale. You could have added extra lines of support to get their queries solved.

Reason 5 - Lack of Quality Content.

Your customer did not want to revisit your web site because it didn't offer much. You could have offered more original valuable content or freebies on your website.

Reason 6 - Your Competition Rules You.

Your competition is providing free shipping with their product. You must be aware of how they are targeting your customers and closing their sales.

Reason 7 - Customer Forgot Your Website Address.

Your customer did not recollect your web site address. You should have given your customers your web site information in your product package along with back end product offers so that they could revisit and have a look on your product line.

Reason 8 - Poor Quality Customer Service.

Your customer service did not solve a problem or customer query they had with your product. Your customer service should be trained to handle most problems.

Reason 9 - Upsell Your Products and Services.

You didn't up-sell when they were in the buying mood. You can always try to sell your other products when they're ready to buy your first one. This will boost up conversion ratio of your website.

Reason 10 - Failed to Provide a Risk Free Guarantee.

Your competition offers a powerful money back guarantee. You must always be thinking of advanced ways to remove the risk from your customers.

Everything you may have heard about converting your customers into ever paying customers might be true. But this article has shown you some amazing ways to get your customers to buy your second product without any resistance.

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in this internet marketing game is to find out first time customers.

But this article has shown you how to get more out of your existing customers by applying some no cost and low cost tactics right NOW.

There's never been a better time for you to attract MORE sales, profits and customers, than it is today!
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