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Succession Planning Values - Time Invested Is Well Worth It

Aug 17, 2007
YOU - are where your particular buck stops. You are the 'accountable one' and therefore you have to have a great team supporting you.

Wait though, there's more.

You also need new, capable people ready to take your key people's places when fate or something else works against you. That's why succession planning is here to help you and a key tool to make more of your business, much more of the time.

Have no time?

- Well, first up is to ask yourself why you haven't?
- Then ask yourself what if you had spare time, what would that give you?
- Third is to ask, how can I NOT afford to spend a little time each week building a self-sustaining, automated, well oiled machine that works pretty well perfectly - with little input from me.
- Finally, to check with yourself if you want to carry on as you are - or move forward?

Got the idea?

1) Get The Recognition You Deserve

Particularly in bigger organisations, making a difference above and beyond the call of duty gets seen to be a valuable quality.

Being seen to deliver exemplary standards through their employees is notable. It's easy to feel a cheat here!

Succession planning's simple processes facilitate the delivery of excellent performance - which others notice and may even ask how. This does no harm at all - to careers; to reward; to opportunities overall.

And it's not just a manager. Others in the team may find new, exciting opportunities come up for them, based on the excellent reputation and experiences they can develop in a successful, developing team.

A succession planning process, which takes but a little time to set up, will make this difference come true.

2) Get Prospecting

From a very practical point of view, using a succession planning process in your business will build awareness amongst your team. It's a team effort is creating opportunities to develop others - you can't do it all yourself.

When this gains momentum, every one of your key people will share in the enthusiasm around helping others better themselves and become experts in their own right.

With strategies for sustainability in place, a manager and his or her team will become much more aware of possibilities. Potential candidates will appear, as if from nowhere - anywhere - and can be recruited to fit later gaps, well in advance of the need.

New skills in existing employees will show up. Through succession planning activities, simple to install, the awareness of what is going to be required helps the team grow.

Succession planning is a process - and an easy one to adopt and implement at that. The rewards for managers of all shapes, sizes and situations can be immense.

Maybe it's time to take a closer look at a succession planning process in YOUR business team!
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