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But I Don't Have a Good Sponsor...

Aug 17, 2007
Having a good sponsor makes a big difference. However, its also important to know that a sponsor can only help you 50 percent of the way. Then if you want to earn the $1000 of dollars people speak of, you need to trail blaze your own path.

Some people are upset when they feel their sponsor hasn't done enough for them. In my opinion, this is true to only a certain extent. If an upline tells you that you can make tons of cash, gets you to join, and leaves you hanging, then you're right, that's a bad sponsor. If a sponsor tells you to advertise in an arena that did give success in the past, but no longer will be the case now because of the saturation, that too is a bad sponsor.

A good sponsor should teach you how to fish so you will be fed for a lifetime. This means learning how to build an effective downline, how to build a list, how to do Google Adwords, how many articles it takes to create an opt in list of 500 people in 14 days. We need to learn the concept of..say.. Ezine advertising, and know that to succeed in this means of traffic generation, we need to learn that we should quiz the webmaster on their past advertisers, rather then advertising in an ezine because the sales copy said it was great for home business users and someone told you to go there and advertise.

Then, after a sponsor has done all that for you, taught you the right concepts to build an online recurring income business, taken you halfway and you still don't find success online, you never will, because you learnt the correct concepts but most probably never took action. Then no matter how much you paid for an Internet Marketing seminar, or the $1000s of dollars you invested in "get rich software tools" you will never find success.

Residual incomes is the most lucrative form of business on the net because it allows you to create your own army of affiliates due to the structure already in place by the company that allows you to build your own franchise. Leverage is very powerful and this franchise building system combined with a powerful sales and traffic formula, traffic that comes from a source only you have access to, will get you to grow an active downline, make money within 30 days as opposed to 30 months.
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