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Finding SEO Optimization Consultants?

Aug 17, 2007
Every business has that one task you just hate to perform. It could be because it bores you, or it may be because youre not entirely sure how to do it well. When it comes to online businesses, the latter applies to search engine optimization. A great number of people have no clue how to go about SEO and are unwilling to learn. Luckily there are search engine optimization consultants that take care of the tasks, you cant complete, for you.

Leave it to a search engine seo consultant. There are some things you just cant afford to miss the mark on. As internet marketing gets more popular and advertising rises it becomes harder for small online business to make themselves known. In this case finding seo professionals becomes very handy.

Consider your situation

Before you start finding seo professionals, take a moment to consider your situation. What are your needs at the moment? What are your short term goals and your long term objectives? And how much can you afford to spend. On the internet, cheaper doesnt always mean better. Consider where you are at and where you would like to be.

Finding legal services

There are many search engine optimization consultants out there. However, choosing the one to do business with may not be so easy. Among the many search engine SEO consultants out there sits a great amount of scams.

Ensure that the company you choose is great in keyword formulation, as this is the first criteria that search engines use to determine web relevance. However, this can not be the only determinate for deciding whether or not the SEO service is legal or a scam.

Search engine optimization takes a while to come into effective. You can not expect results over night. Any company that promises you immediate results is lying to you, and such companies usually undertake spamdexing.

Spamdexing is using methods that manipulate the relevancy or importance of resources indexed by a search engine. Spamdexing can be done by stuffing a website full of keywords. When web crawlers (the programs search engines use to rank websites) read the web sites, they read a lot of the same keyword and assume that the site is content rich. Based on the web crawler findings the website is given a high rank. Keyword stuffing is considered content spam and it can get you site banned.

You also want to be aware of link spam. Link analysis is also used to rank sites. Link spam is when the web master takes advantage of the link ranking algorithms causing search engines to give the guilty website a higher ranking. There are a number of versions of link spam including, Link farms, hidden links, Sybil attack, wiki spam, spam blogs (also referred to as splogs), page hijacking, buying expired domains, and referrer log spamming.

Spamdexing is generally done by websites that are sound in the black hat directory, therefore it is well advised to stay away from such directories.
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