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Advantages of Dropshipping

Aug 17, 2007
Dropshipping is a great concept. In brief dropshipping is a process by which a person who does not own products can form a connection with a business supplier who is willing to provide the product for you, including one at a time. Arrangements with dropshippers vary. Some dropshippers charge a fee for service and add costs on to the product itself. There are some dropshippers who will only charge the wholesale cost of their items with perhaps a minor surcharge to cover their own cost of processing the item.

Dropshipping has been used throughout history. However in the modern day it has become more prolific due to some wholesalers finding that they cannot move their stocks as quickly as they would like to due to competition of other wholesalers. When a small number of wholesalers used dropshipping as a means of promoting their products more naturally entered into the opportunity. However those wholesalers who do not have the same restrictions in moving their stock generally do not worry about dropshipping because it involves extra work and stress.

There are several advantages of dropshipping for someone who operates an online business. These include:

Cheap start up costs.
Having ample supply of products.
Having access to a wide range of products.
Not having to warehouse products.
Saving time on processing sales.
Not having to make an outlay of money on bulk.
Obtaining items at a cheaper cost.

There are nevertheless a number of disadvantages. These include:

Less margin in the profit ratio.
High dependence on the dropshipper.
The dropshipper may not be reliable.
Products are not unique or uncommon.

The greatest advantage of dropshipper for the retailer is that it enables the establishment of the business at low cost. It includes no cost in initial inventory, nor does it include a cost to maintain stock such as some form of warehouse. About the only thing that the retailer has to be concerned for in dropshipping is promotional costs, such as maintaining a website and advertising.

Ebay sellers are typically serviced by a dropshipper. The way the system works with many ebay power sellers is that the seller lists the product on ebay. When a buyer bids and wins the sale of the product the power seller orders the product from the dropshipper who in turn sends the product to the buyers address. The purchase price is typically passed from the buyer to the seller to the dropshipper. Depending on the arrangement the seller may not even have to process the money side of the sale.

Dropshipping is not readily available. It is important to connect up with a wholesaler who is willing to do dropshipping. Nor is dropshipping necessarily easy. Some dropshippers are very difficult to do business with and this unfortunately can do damage to the business of the retailer. It is therefore important to make the right connections.
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