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How To Start Making Money By Taking and Selling Online Surveys

Aug 17, 2007
If you are eager to know how to start making money online, there's a decent and legitimate way to do this: You can take surveys for which you get paid, or you can promote survey programs as an affiliate and make money by selling the service.

Hoards of new internet users wanting to know how to start making money online are turning to paid surveys as a good way to generate extra cash to sustain their businesses. Why are online surveys so popular?

For one thing, surveys don't demand a lot of time or work, by comparison with other more regular jobs. You don't have to leave the comforts of your home with the new online surveys being sent to you in a link via email. The convenience of it, not to mention the content of the surveys makes taking them fun!

Surveys are also popular because besides filling out a survey in a multiple choice type fashion, you also have the opportunity to participate in online or offline discussion groups if you want to learn how to start making even more money.

If you're not into discussing the products or other aspects of the survey, you may choose to conduct phone surveys, try new products for free, or provide your opinions after watching movie previews!

Survey taking isn't much like work, and that's why many are drawn to its simplicity and entertainment value. You can win prizes or cash, depending on the company you are working for.

If you want to, you can work harder and earn a full-time income, but most people choose to take surveys because they offer a little extra spending money to cover advertising costs for their online business.

There are some disadvantages to taking paid surveys online. One of them that I have noticed is that if you do own and operate a business already or have limited extra time, then taking the time to fill out surveys can be a bit of a burden and you end up not bothering to fill them out.

Another disadvantage in terms of time is that you have to sign up to quite a few different survey companies, wait for them to find a survey appropriate for you based on a profile you submit, and then submit many before you have a chance to get paid.

Also, many of the survey companies you sign up for are US-based, and only apply to those living in the USA. You have to watch for this, as there are other more internationally based survey companies, such as Canadian-specific companies.

If these become deterrents for you and you want to know how to start making money with surveys right now, then it's time for you to consider becoming an affiliate of the many survey programs that are offered out there.

Two excellent examples of survey programs that you can sign up for as an affiliate are Survey Scout and Survey Income System. When you sign up for these programs, they have a database already set up of companies that you can join. You don't have to find the companies yourself which would take you forever.

Then with your own unique affiliate ID, you can promote these survey programs and find out how to start making money fairly quickly whenever someone clicks your link and purchases the program.

This is a much easier and quicker way to start making money online than by taking the time to fill out the surveys themselves and wait for cash results, or other prizes - That is if you know how to promote your links!

This is entirely a personal preference, and you have to do what suits you, your time, and your energy, and do what makes you the most money. Testing a little of each to find what's right for you may be the thing to do.

If you really want to know how to start making money by taking and selling survey programs, then do a little research first. Weigh the pros and cons of each method, test the waters, and make an informed decision.
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