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The Mortgage Business Is Changing...Are You In Internet Denial?

Aug 17, 2007
Refinances are down, new home sales are off, lenders are closing their doors, loan programs are being eliminated, and credit requirements are being tightened...it's no wonder we're not quite as optimistic as we once were.

It's against this backdrop that your on-line mortgage presence and Internet marketing takes on a whole new importance. There is mounting evidence that if you are not on the Internet bandwagon and if you can't be found by people searching for mortgages on the Internet, you are completely "missing the boat" in the mortgage business.

Many of you have told me "I just don't get that involved with online marketing. I've been very successful the traditional way for many years." Here's my response...My sincere congratulations on all of your past success and my profound empathy for the frustration you will suffer in the months and years ahead as your prospects leave you at the station while they board the express mortgage train called the internet.

Here are a few points about this trend to the Internet that you should ponder:

Both Search Engines and web sites are considered "referrals" and "trusted sources" by those doing the search. Being directed to your web site by organic search engines is a valid referral, just as a phone call is, or a referral from a friend or associate. People consult Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL with inquiries and their most delicate questions over a billion times a week! If Internet referrals constitute a "trusted source," shouldn't you be one of those "trusted sources?"

The Internet is alive and on duty 24/7, and you would be amazed at what time of day (or night) people search for homes and mortgages. In contrast, the morning newspaper is usually in the trash by dinner time.

Supporting the proposition that newspaper readership and advertising is not as important as it used to be, consider these facts: In every age group, newspaper readership is down. In the 30-45 age group, less than 35% of people read a newspaper. Even in the 45-55 age group, only slightly more than 45% of people read the newspaper. People are turning to the Internet in staggering numbers.

Many publications including the New York Times are transitioning as fast as they can to Internet publication and advertising as they fear for the future of traditional newspapers in America.

Have you tried to get a teenager to read a book, lately? They are probably too busy Instant messaging, text messaging friends on their cell phones or watching videos on YouTube. Our next generation will be even less paper friendly and even more Internet friendly.

Mortgage professionals that have already committed to online marketing have been able to expand their marketing area and remain effective due to online communication; people find you on the Internet, call you or email you, and use you to help them secure a mortgage in an area they may not know.

So, unless you are in a state of denial about the Internet's importance to your future mortgage transactions, you need to take action immediately.

You do need the Internet...today and in the future...to succeed in the mortgage business. If you are welcoming and ready to exploit the changes you need to make, you'll be more successful in your online mortgage marketing and that's where the money will be in the future!
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