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Aug 17, 2007
Many people who start up a home based business either do not or think they have not, enough money to live on. Some have enough money to live on but not at their desired standard of living. Many of these people decide to start up a home based business. Normally this also means a decision to work both full time and part time. The full time employment is typically with an employer who pays a full time income. The part time work is undertaken at home while enough income is built up to self sufficiency. Normally it is hoped that in time the home based business will enable the person to dispense with their regular full time paid employment.

Not everyone is successful at building up their part time home based business. My brother-in-law was one of the lucky few that was able to achieve his goals and greatly exceed his former income to a point of becoming a millionaire. I am still working towards that level of success and am therefore fully aware of the stress caused by having a dual source of employment income. This puts a toll on my personal life and creates tension between when and where to work and how to divide my time between work and my family. This raises a number of considerations.

For many the first consideration is does your work at home business create a tension with your employer. Fortunately this has never been a problem in my case but certainly it was a conflict that my brother-in-law had to face. Some employers will not tolerate competition from one of their employees. For example my brother after receiving permission from his boss started to sell products that his boss did not want to sell but was along the same line of product. My brother was so successful in selling this product that his boss gave him an ultimatum. Either he had to give up his part time job or resign from his full time employment. He chose, to his great fortune, the first option. This conflict faces a lot of people trying to start up their own business. Some have no other option but to give up their home based business.

Another consideration of having both a full time paid job and a part time work at home business is the stress that it might have on family life. A person with a family will need to know that any time needed to run the home business will have to come from time usually spent with the family. It has a toll on recreation and social interests and family functions. There is in effect a three way split which impacts on the whole three issues of full time, part time and family life. The tension that this has on the family may not be worth the time and effort spent in building your home based business.

Most home based businesses can fortunately be worked at the number of hours and at the appointed times of the business owner. In some cases, there are home business opportunities that require little time and enable it to be run at the convenience of the owner. This enables time to be properly allocated to the family and does not impact on full time employment. Nevertheless this does not get away from the fact that the time spent on the home based business will still take a worker away from personal involvements and recreation activities and cause at least some stress.

Time management under these circumstances becomes imperative. There needs to be a balance between having two jobs and the family. It is often very important to work out a schedule and work at the specified times allocated to all the commitments that arise. Balancing full time and part time work along with family responsibilities although difficult is not impossible. In due time if your home based business becomes successful then you will find that you can leave full time employment with someone else and work full time at your more profitable home based business. This will enable you to become more financially independent and allow you to have more time with those whom you love.
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