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Creating Customer Relationships Using Products

Aug 17, 2007
One of the worst mistakes that many businesses make is that they don't realize what type of relationships they can create with their products and at the same time they can't fully understand what capabilities they have with their products and services.

It took hundred of years before the toilet was put together with the toilet paper or the ice cream with the cone. There are so many benefits that can exist with products you have at your fingertips. It is just unfortunate that many people make their business opportunity harder than it needs to be by complicating their possibilities.

The first mistake that many people make is that they think first about what their product is before finding out the right people to surround that product. It will serve you the best when you put the right people together first and then look at each person's strength and see what they have to offer along with what they desire as the final outcome.

I am obviously talking about business partners and not employees. It will be hard to pay an employee and keep them on if you don't have the capital to support them while you figure it out. Don't fall in love with an idea to the point where it drags you away from your ultimate goal of financial independence.

There are some good questions that you can ask yourself that will help with your situation. One of the first things you can do is ask yourself with any product, how many ways can fulfill my customer and their needs? There are so many accessories or larger products that you can sell to any customer or create reoccurring visits for the same product.

This is the value of cross selling to customers and up selling to customers. Instead of trying to create every possible category necessary in your company to fulfill these clients, look at ways you can outsource and share clients with other companies out there that would work well with you or potentially be your competition.

This method helped to make tycoons out of people like Andrew Carnegie. Don't be scared by your competition or feel inferior. You have qualities that you can potentially add and so do they. This may save you both a lot of time on advertising and marketing by these simple referrals from each other or even a royalty off of a trusted client that could value from them.

Look for relationships with other firms and ways to find more value for your client's ultimate needs if you can't fulfill them.
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