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Public Relations- Do Not Miss This Huge Opportunity!

Aug 17, 2007
Public relations is not only for large companies. Even small businesses can take advantage of publicity to increase their exposure and grow their customer base. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your PR campaign:

- Make your media coverage do double duty. A major component of public relations is "planting" feature stories or news in newspapers, magazines, television or radio programs.

When a favorable story about your business appears in the press, you not only gain the short-term benefits of the positive publicity, but you can also use reprints of the article as a powerful marketing tool. Enclosing a copy of the article with your brochures and sales letters can boost your credibility immeasurably. It's also a great way to show potential partners that you are legitimate.

- If you receive positive press or feedback, use it to your advantage. If you are the subject of someone else's press release, reprint the release with the original contact information in addition to your own.

Or, if you receive a letter containing positive feedback about your products and services, use it to craft a press release showing how your customers feel about your business. Both of these techniques are easy ways to create something newsworthy when not much else is going on with your business.

- Put together a great online press kit. Recent surveys show that members of the media prefer that your press kit be online as opposed to printed on paper. This makes it easier for them to access it wherever and whenever they need to. When creating your online press kit, be sure that you have a clear link from your home page to it, keep the information relevant to what the media needs (this is not intended for the general public), put up all press releases, include any previous media mentions you've received and make sure that your media contact information is easy to find.

By taking the time to put together a great media kit you will be helping the press write about you. If they don't have access to basic information such as when your company was started, what exactly you do and who the important individuals in your organization are, you're making their job harder. And if they have to do extra work to write a story about you, they may decide not to bother!

- Never ask to be notified when your story is printed. A lot of people make this mistake. Remember, it's not the reporter's job to provide you with copies of the story or even inform you when it runs. You should be monitoring the media for mentions of your company and products and if you would like copies you can order them from the circulation department.
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