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Want to Attract Your Prospects Attention? - Polish Your Picture

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to gain attention of your prospects, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

If you want to make yourself rememberable to your prospects, then I urge you to read this article -- immediately.

If you're sick and tired of getting yourself lost in the crowd and wanna stick your image in the subconscious of your prospective customer, then here's good news--

Now you can apply some unique styles to your picture on your website that will make yourself unique from others.

If you want to attract more new prospects... and I mean TONS of them, I've got great news for you. Now there are some powerful, inexpensive new ways to make yourself unique and present yourself on your website.

All of these styles might not suit your website, but you can pick up one or two of them and get started as per the theme of your website. Here YOU Go...

Style 1 - A Unique Hair Style.

Use a unique hair style. You could style your hair to stand straight up like you're frightened of someone or use a wig to wear a mohawk or huge fuzzy hair.

Style 2 - Polish Your Hair with a Bright Color.

Color your hair with a bright color. You could color it pink, blue, purple, green, etc. You could even make it match your web site's colors.

Style 3 - Draw Lines on Your Pic.

Draw lines on your picture. You could draw a black eye or mustache on it before you scan and upload it to your web site. This will give it a unique presence.

Style 4 - Wear Glasses.

Put on silly glasses. You could put on spring like glasses, oversized colorful glasses, spinning glasses, or even 3D glasses. Make yourself memorable.

Style 5 - Attract Attention with Your Clothes.

Wear unique clothes. You could wear a cool bright suit, a costume outfit, a weird tie or a bathing suit.

Style 6 - A Unique Facial Expression.

Make a weird facial expression. You could stick your tongue out, push your face together, make your eyes big, look like you're angry, etc.

Style 7 - Attract Attention with Your Hat.

Wear a unique hat. You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, straw hat, a sports helmet, a rain hat, etc.

Style 8 - Paint your face.

You could paint your own unique character or paint a typical character like a clown, joker, animal, plant, etc.

Style 9 - Put On a Mask.

Wear a mask. You could buy one or make one out of a paper bag. Just cut the nose, mouth and eyes out. You could also add other facial features.

Style 10 - Attract Attention with Background.

Use an uncommon background. You could use an outside background, comedy wallpaper, a prop to look like you have a cartoon body, etc.

Everything you may have heard about making yourself unique might be true.

But this article has shown you some amazing ways to make yourself stand out of the rest through your website picture.

As I said, some of these styles might not suit your website but you can surely pick up an idea and polish your pic with these killer styles.

Your website theme might be internet marketing or you might wanna present yourself as a CEO of a multinational company. Therefore you might consider presenting yourself in a more professional way.

Or else if you're a small business owner you might want to present yourself in a bit formal way.

But whatever you do make sure to apply these unique styles to stand out from the crowd and stick your image in the subconscious of your prospects.
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