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Medical Transcription As A Career

Aug 17, 2007
Medical transcription can be done at home or at an office, clinic, or hospital. The basis of this field of work is transcribing dictations made by physicians or health care providers and turning them into medical reports which are then returned to the provider to become part of a patient's permanent chart.

There are many documents that a transcriptionist is required to be proficient in transcribing which includes discharge summaries, referral letters, and history and physical examination reports, to name a few.

There is a great deal of education and training required to be able to accurately transcribe dictated medical reports. Medical terminology is like a second language and once you become proficient in it, you will be able to automatically transcribe that language into your reports. A good MT course versed in all aspects of the medical profession including clinics and hospitals is necessary to transcribe these reports accurately and in a clear format.

A medical transcriptionist must be well versed in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, treatment assessments, and diagnostic procedures.

MTs must have the ability to understand and identify various medical terms and abbreviations to transcribe the reports and assessments accurately including ESL (English as a second language) dictators.

As with many jobs in the business world, medical transcription in the past was done primarily in an office setting. However, with the expansion and development of the internet, more and more people are beginning to work out of their homes. Medical transcription is a true work at home business that is a career, not just a job.

Although it does not require a degree or even certification, the MT field is becoming more and more recognized as a great career for anyone wanting a real work at home business.

If you do decide to work in-house in a clinic or physician's office, you will probably be required to do other duties such as receiving patients, scheduling appointments, and answering phone calls. Some people would rather have the patient and physician contact than the isolation of working at home.

There is a lot of work and continual education involved in an MT's job, but the benefits are rewarding. Working at home in a specialized field and knowing you are helping to maintain good medical records for health care providers is a very good feeling.

Although you are not required to have as much schooling as most careers, you can be proud of your choice of becoming a medical transcriptionist. You will be a professional doing a very important job in the health care community.
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