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Paid Surveys - An Overview Of Paid Surveys

Aug 17, 2007
Paid surveys have been around now for over 5 years and have continued to offer people a way of creating some extra income each month just by filling out short paid opinion surveys. "So how do they work and how can I make them work for me?"

Why Do Paid Surveys Exist At All?

There are many corporations out there that would do anything to figure the mindset of there chosen market. So they are forced to pay market research companies, millions of dollars a year to conduct surveys and focus groups targeting their markets to try and determine what it is they are looking for. Once they have this information, they can then begin to build a suitable business model to suit the consumer's needs.

This is how they eventually turn over huge profits and sitting there right in the middle of this constant money flow is little old you and me! Try to think of the system as a constant cycle of money for everyone. The corporations pay market research companies to conduct paid surveys, who then pay us to fill out the surveys, which go back to the corporation who build more profitable products for which we the consumer end up buying.

This process is repeated several times a year by one corporation. Just think about all the different companies there are looking for people to tell them what they want! This is why it's possible to make money through participating in paid surveys, but is it that easy?

Of Course It's Not That Simple, You Have To Compete With Other Consumers!

That's right it's not that simple, if it was, everyone would be doing. In fact before everyone knew about paid surveys, some people were making a killing and it actually was that simple to start with. Now however there are things you will need to do to improve your chances of getting places in potential paid surveys and focus groups.

Build A List

Probably the biggest reason why some people succeed in this game is because they have access to a huge list of sites that constantly open up new paid surveys and focus groups. This newfound method of gathering a large list of potential sites, prompted the beginning of paid survey directories. These directories are members only and depending on which one you're apart of they can have up to 1000 different sites, all offering paid surveys, sometimes on a daily basis.

Basically all you have to do is login once a day and look for sites that have recently opened applications for new paid surveys or focus groups. Then you just have to go there and make your application. That's how it works and it all depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend filling out surveys. There are a lot of people making over $1000 a month and they usually only spend an average of an hour a day making applications and filling out surveys.
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