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You Have Been Lied To! The Real Truth About High-Paying Adsense Keywords

Aug 17, 2007
Every single day I receive an email from someone or the saying:

"Abhi, please send me a list of keywords that will pay me $20-$30 per click in AdSense"

You see, I do not blame them for asking that question. It's not their fault. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet. And newbies get attracted to anything that promises a lot of riches.

You will find many sites that will sell you lists of "High-paying AdSense Keywords" or list of keywords that will "Sky-rocket your AdSense earnings overnight".

They make you feel that if you purchase their list and design your sites based on these keywords, your AdSense earnings would touch the sky.

According to them, Google pays you around 50% of the keyword cost. So if someone clicks on the Ad, for a keyword costing $50, you will earn around $25...Cool!

But not so cool!

If it were that easy, you would find gazillions of AdSense success stories. Things are not so simple, friend!

How many who sell such lists have actually really profited themselves from those keywords? I can bet on my AdSense business...No one!

I have more than 1,50,000 keywords that drive traffic to my sites. So maybe, I know a thing or two about AdSense and keywords.

Every day when I look at my stats I know what the real truth is. And the truth is not what you think.

** The Truth **
Google never discloses what percentage it will pay to the AdSense Publisher. And there are too many factors involved which determine how much Google will pay you.

As I mentioned above, if Google paid everyone 50% on a keyword costing $50, you would become filthy rich in no time. Ohh! Wish life was so easy!

For many so-called high-paying keywords, Big G sometimes pays me not even 10 cents. Can you believe that?

Yes that's true. Less than 10 cents for a HIGH paying keyword.

Agreed, there are times when I do receive $25 per click, but those are very rare cases. And those same keywords often give me 10-20 cents the next day.

So you can never be sure how much a click would earn you.

How much Google will pay you depends on factors such as your landing page, your content, Google's smart pricing, the Advertiser's cost of that keyword, and various other factors that are beyond our control.

So never build your AdSense sites according to High-paying ** keywords **.

This is what you SHOULD do instead...
Build your sites according to high-paying **niches**.

If you get hold of any keyword lists from any site, you will notice that most of these keywords are about finance, health, lawyers, business etc.

These niches are generally profitable because advertisers here have got money to spend on Adwords. And hence they are generally profitable for the AdSense Publisher too.

So build your sites based the above niches, and their sub-niches.

This doesn't mean other niches are not profitable. Many are. But the above niches are where our focus should be.

So you want to know the secret of succeeding in AdSense ?

1. Select several such profitable niches
2. Make websites for these niches
3. Drive traffic
4. And yes, don't forget to regularly track your cost/earnings.ratio

That's exactly what I have done. And my AdSense business earns me $14,000+ per month. Month after month.

If you do the same, you too will see amazing results. That's a promise.
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