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Three Step Process To Online Success

Aug 17, 2007
If your trying to start up a home based business there is a process one must follow in order to experience true success. For someone just starting out this process may seem a bit confusing, and they might not understand it at first however with a little help and time anyone cause use it to their advantage.

So what is the three step process to online success? Well its quite simple actually but let me take you over each step so you know what you must do for it to work correctly.

As you may or may not already know with any business it is a must to promote you and not the business you are in. There is a certain way you must go about doing this. You first need to setup what is called a lead capture page. A lead capture page is used to attract customers and have them submit a form with their name and email address. Once you have your lead capture page setup you now have fully completed the first step.

Step number two is getting setup with an auto responder. One I highly recommend using is aweber. They are very user friendly and give good support. If you are unsure of what an auto responder is or even does then pay close attention.

An auto responder allows you catch peoples names and email addresses, and it also allows you to send them email messages. You can create ten emails and have all of them automatically sent out for you over a number of days to people who fill out the form on your lead capture page.

Now this leads us into our third and finally step of the process. The last peace to the puzzle is having your very own unique page you send your prospects to. This page will explain in great detail about who you are, and what your home based business is all about, and how they can benefit from it. On this page you will want to sell your opportunity to your customers.

Lets take sometime to recap and go through the three step process one last time. First a user finds your lead capture page. Second they fill out your form and are placed into your auto responder. Finally they are sent and email and are then taking to your own unique page that talks about you and your opportunity you are offering them.

Now you know what the three step process so I suggest putting it into action as it is high affective and if you are not following it you are really losing out on the chance to earn much more money.
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Chris Rohrer is a success mentor and coach helping teach people how to work online. With Chris's experience and expertise you can't go wrong. See how Chris can help you today by visiting Roadmap To Riches
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