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I Receive 400 Unique Hits A Day Using Search Engine Optimization

Aug 17, 2007
You don't have to be a computer genius to achieve higher search engine rankings for your website. There is a multitude of methods to get your site on the top of these search engines. Search engine optimization is a great way to get tons of free unique targeted visits to your site every month.

Search engine optimization is very important for your online business if you are interested in staying in business. If you are consistent with these methods, your overall search engine optimization will increase, which will in turn boost your page rank.

When researching keywords you need to look for keywords that have many searches but not much competition. To figure out the r/s ratio all you need to do is divide the Each search engine results by the number of searches. Keyword density means the number of keywords in relation to the number of words on your page. Let's say you are using a keyword that is "blue" and you have 10 words on the page and blue shows up 3 times, your keyword density would be 30%. You might also want to include a variation of the keywords in the menus, links or text.

When creating your title make sure you place the best and most important keywords in your title, this way when the search engines index your site they will show up in the result area. Remember that the SERPs (search engine results) page is the first opportunity for conversion. Your title should be hot and compelling. Creating unique titles for each of your pages will enable the search engines to direct traffic to not only your main page but also to these back pages.

In addition to your homepage, it is possible to optimize other pages of your site using niche keywords. For multi-page sites, a site map can be an efficient way of insuring all of your pages are found and indexed by search engine spiders.

Using an anchor text, is one of the best methods when linking back to your website, it allows the keyword to be the link that points to your site. Anchor text is the link or text that is used to reflect the theme or subject of the page or paragraph that will link the page. The text is integral to your site, and there should be as much as works for the site.

When creating links make sure you include your keyword in the link, for example if your keyword is "money" then create a link in this format <a href="http://www.domain. com">money</a>,when the search engines index it will help your search rankings for that keyword. When you place your keywords inside the link your are reporting to the search engines that your websites theme has something to do with the specific keyword. Anchor text is the text the web visitor sees on the web page, which is hyperlinked to your domain name or URL.

H1 or heading tags are very important to search engines. You have to place it at the top of the page and should contain your primary keywords/key phrases. Meta Tags are information placed in the HTML header of a web page, providing information to a search engine that is not visible to a user. When creating a website you need to include the meta tags for each page, if you don't the search engines will get the information from the top of your page.
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