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The Beauty of Search Engine Optimization Phobias

Aug 17, 2007
It is a common belief among many web business owners that once they submit their website to a search engines theyre on their way to financial success. Yes submitting your site is important. But simply informing the search engines that you exist (which is all you are doing) is not enough because they reaction you may get is so youre out there, so what. Today web pages need to be optimized in order for search engines to take them seriously.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making your web pages attractive to the search engines.

But mention search engine optimization to some folks and you get winces. Some completely bury their heads in the sand. This in part is because search engine optimization is work. It requires research of keywords, content creation, producing well written Meta tags, enhancing your web pages with a few pictures, audio and video to improve the user experience and keeping up to date on the latest trends in SEO. For many webmaster this is more than they want to handle, especially since the internet businesses have be synonyms with get rich quick schemes.

An internet marketer recently said, I dont understand why I have to do it, the search engine will find me eventually. The fact that she was willing to wait around rather than put in a little effort to make things happen for her business puzzled me. Then I thought maybe shes just afraid to get her feet wet. SEO is like anything its scary if you dont know how to go about it.

First, you have to ask yourself what are you are willing to lose. If you do not participate in SEO you will lose your business, this is a fact. Search engines are still the number one traffic generator and most users who use search engines do not go past the second page of results. If you dont get serious and undertake search engine optimization you will be lucky to see a handful of customers because only a slight few will ever see you. Needless to say you wont become a millionaire with only 5 visitors per day (if youre lucky).

Next, join a forum that discusses it. There are a lot of masters out there that who are willing to share SEO tips for free. Start asking questions about what you dont know. If youve tried SEO but failed, find out where you went wrong.

Another excuse many use is that they want to do SEO but they dont have the time. This may be valid. However, a great number of people can spend hours looking for gossip but when it come to their pages they suddenly realize they have something better to do. Ill optimize my page after my favorite show; I cant miss my favorite show! The shed needs cleaning. I dont have the energy for it after I come home from my other job.

It only takes an hour a day to build a successful business. If time spent optimizing your website leads to an increase in sales isnt it time well spent? Take it one page at a time; optimize one page today and move on to the next when youre done. Trying to take on the whole website would make anyone have an anxiety attack, especially for a large site.

The beauty of SEO is that it does not take too long to become proficient and once you have the hang of it youll find that run through it quicker.

Its all about increasing the potential for sales. And if search engine optimization is going to increase your profit margin dont you think you should take head out the sand.
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