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What is Multi Level Marketing?

Aug 17, 2007
Residual income is a term used by Network and Multi Level marketing, although other affiliate programs also use it. It refers to income that is reoccurring. This is usually payment made to the distributor or affiliate on a monthly basis.

In network marketing or MLM, residual income will be the monthly income you make from recruiting a number of members to your team. You will also increase residual income when they recruit members, second level, and on down the levels of your team. The goal is to get as many active members of your team to recruit and sell so that you will have a growing amount of residual or monthly income. You can also do this by selling product for commission.

Here are some tips to do this:

Recruiting: To make your team grow you will find many ways. One of the most common ones is to advertise on websites and publications. For this you will need to find those who are interested in starting a home business. They are known collectively as home business opportunity seekers.

Selling- it is important to understand your market and their wants and needs. If you are into health and wellness, understand that this is a wide field. If your product is specifically diet supplements, find those who are interested in improving their health. Analyze your potential customers and advertise to them wherever they can be found. Use publications and different websites. Do not rule out offline marketing when you have the money. Always keep enough money for advertising and market to your potential customer in as many ways possible.

Have a game plan: One of the biggest mistakes many network marketers make is not having a game plan. Once you work out a plan that is successful, you can not only profit yourself, but also teach your team members to duplicate your success. This will ensure that you will be able to make your residual income grow every month.

Use more than one method of marketing: the trick for success and increasing your residual income is to use multiple marketing methods. This will make a strong campaign and allow you to use diverse and original marketing to increase profits and your residual income.

Use all the training that your mother company provides. A good company will have a strong training program. This will usually include:

Phone calls (conference calls.)
Training videos- these can be passed on to team members and prospects
Upline support-from the distributor that originally enrolled you into the team
Leads that you can buy

All these efforts will allow you to build your business and enjoy an increasing residual income. This will allow you to have a monthly cash flow to expand your efforts and grow your business.
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