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Affiliate Marketing And Why It Is An Ideal Business

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing is a business where one earns commissions for selling other peoples products or generating leads for companies. To earn commissions one must send targeted traffic to a merchant that they are partnered with. Typically an affiliate first signs up with a network such as clickbank and can choose which programs they want to promote. The affiliate uses a special website address to send traffic to called hoplinks so they receive credit for any sales made. The network tracks sales made through these links and pays the marketer their commissions.

Internet marketing is an ideal business to own for a number of reasons. First of all there is no physical products for you to handle. In a traditional business there is usually physical goods to sell which creates many expenses such as building rent, utilities, labor and the cost buying the goods from a manufacturer or wholesaler. These expenses drive a businesses rate of return down and make it difficult to make a profit. None of these expenses exist in an affiliate marketing business.

Secondly an Internet marketer does not have to deal with customer issues such as inquiries, refunds or any disputes that might arise. These problems are all handled by the merchant and not the affiliate.

Finally an affiliate marketer has much more flexibility tor work on his or her business with regards to time and location. Most traditional businesses are operated from a set location whereas an affiliate marketer can run their business from anywhere in the world with a internet connection. Almost all brick and mortar businesses keep set hours of operation. An online business can be operated anytime the owner wishes. Once they have their system of traffic generation to their affiliate links in place they often find that much of their business operates on autopilot.

Even though affiliate marketing is an ideal business there are challenges. There is a lot of competition particularly for those using google adwords or other pay per click search engine advertising to send traffic to their affiliate sites. This intense competition in google adwords has made it increasingly difficult for affiliates to make money online. The most sucessful marketers use multiple methods in addition to google adwords to drive traffic to their websites. Some of these other methods include search engine optimization, ezine advertising, article marketing and blogs. Even with utilizing multiple methods of traffic generation ,competition is ever increasing. This is why many in this business are always looking for new market niches that have less competition. In spite of the challenges affiliate marketing remains an ideal business.
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