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Being a Prize-Winning Sales Person

Aug 17, 2007
Sales representatives are generally paid more than other people. If you have a talent for selling ideas, the chances are that the number of zeroes in your yearly income will be pretty great. It does not matter whether you are a full-time employee of a company who works all kinds of hours. It does not matter whether you are self-employed and choose to sell anything ranging from books to insurance to women's beauty products. What matters is whether you have the ability to get customers to buy your product.

If you have decided to be in the sales department, you need to deserve that figure that you earn every month. If you are not earning as much as you would like to, maybe it is time for you to prove your potential and start demanding that huge salary.

Now what are the qualities that every sales person must possess? For starters, every sales rep must be a friendly Joe. In many instances I try to give people a second chance before forming an opinion about them. Some people are shy and reserved and deserve a second chance. However, if you are selling something, you cannot afford to be timid.

Blending into the wall is a great way to not sell your products. Another problem that some sales people have is that of being too aggressive. Although you may be behaving in as friendly manner as you can, remember that subtlety is also a necessity at times. You need to be able to read your customers to see what kind of a sales pitch would suit them the best.

Some of the best kinds of sales people that I have ever met have been selling mortgage. These guys are aggressive when it comes to making sales. However the trick is to not over-sell it. They mention the best features of the mortgage loan that they are offering and they provide reasons why that would be perfect for you. Incentives like low rates of interest, long duration of the loan, and easy repayment options are things that mortgage seekers are constantly on the alert for.

In general, it is a good idea to compare the more popular products in the market with your own and state why you would choose your product over the others. Most importantly, you should be able to convince your customers that you are selling just the product that they want. If you are able to accomplish that, that salary raise should fall into your lap. So go on and make the winning sales pitch.
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