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What Is So Difficult About Network Marketing?

Aug 17, 2007
The first thing that everyone should understand about network marketing is that it is not a get rich quick scheme! It is a business just like any other and needs to be treated as such. It requires a business plan, goal setting, and tons of hard work!

Network Marketing has provided thousands with the chance to build a profitable online business without the high costs of starting a traditional business.

Successful network marketers are committed, they put together a plan and execute that plan no matter how long it takes.

How can you succeed in Network Marketing?

1. You must have the right attitude and most of all you must take your network marketing business seriously.

2. You need to understand your strengths and use them! To many of us focus on improving our weaknesses when we should actually focus on what we are already good at doing.

3. Your success depends on finding the right company for you. Before joining any company, ask yourself a few questions: Do you agree with the companies vision? Would you and your family use the products? Are they consumable? High quality? Are they much more expensive then store bought? Is the company well established? Are there testimonials from others who are already involved with the company? Can you understand the compensation plan? How is their customer service? Are there training tools available?

4. Your success also depends on finding the right sponsor. This is critical. Before joining any company make sure you will be joining under someone that can and will provide you with the support and resources that you need to succeed. Here are some more questions to ask of a potential sponsor: How long have you been with the company? Are you making any money? Are they getting the support they need? How knowledgeable are they about the company? What marketing experience do they have? What resources or training do they offer to their team?

5. You have to invest in personal excellence. Raise your standards by improving who you are.

How can you improve?

- Learn something new every day.
- Learn from those who have succeeded. Read books.
- Find a mentor. Be a mentor.
- Keep a journal. Know what you are doing, so you know what is working and what is not.
- Learn about your company, success, networking, marketing and every thing you need to add to your personal success.

What is network marketing really all about? It is about building relationships, creating trust, and working with people to build a successful team. People will join with you because of you, not because of the company.

This may sound hard to most of us, but to succeed in network marketing you will have to put people first and money second. You will have to be generous with your time and information. Share what you know and what you have experienced. You know you have succeeded when people join your company because they trust and believe in you.

The true power of network marketing depends on having a system that can be duplicated, a system that is consistent with success and a system that can be passed on to your downline.

What is very important to any network marketing program is repeat business. That is where the majority of your income will come from.

TIP: Train your recruits so they too can be successful and thus you can assure your repeat business.

If you are uncomfortable with the thought of having to deal with selling, then there is a very simple solution. You could become a personal consultant. Build trust with people by offering free training, seminars, etc. Once you show them that you are committed and will be there for them, guess what? Many will decide to join your business. How simple, yet so powerful.

Why do people fail in network marketing? Most do not recognize that it is a profession, a business. They may think that they can get rich quick and not take it seriously.

To succeed in any business you need to be consistent, you need to treat it with the same effort as a normal 9 to 5 job for at least a year. If you do this then you will see the difference in results.

You now have a decision to make. You can ignore all this information and continue to work for money, or you can be one of the few and let the money work for you.

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli
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Joe Rispoli is currently developing leaders for his team - and he is so committed to this that he is even willing to make them. It is a true win-win scenario. Find out what the true power of network marketing is all about right now, right here at: The Berry Tree
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