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Assessment Center Challenges - Two Hurdles To Overcome

Aug 17, 2007
It's vital to get the basics right, especially when you have the challenge of an assessment center to undergo.

So, don't be fretting about anything apart from the experience you're going to survive. So let's cover off a couple of major hurdles to get right first time.

These few key areas that you need to get right before you are ready for your adventure are simple enough and quick to do. An assessment center is what it says, going to assess you.

So it's important to have done your homework beforehand and make sure that you can chalk off a couple of potential worries that are easily dealt with, if you prepare in advance.

Find Out Where You Are Going

Even if you have a crystal clear idea of where you are going for your assessment center, it's worth a double-check.

It could be that you have been there before and if so this bit might well be a breeze.

And you could easily fall into an assumption that it is exactly where you think it is - or it sounds pretty close anyway. That's when you need the double-check. What might sound right to you, might be not quite what you expect when you show up.

If you haven't been there before, there are a couple of options. One is to do a dummy run before the actual day of your assessment center and get clear where you are going.

Or, if it's not that close-by, you might want to stay over and spend a little time, the day before, checking out where you go.

Getting There On The Day

Whilst you don't want to freak yourself out by getting there hours before you need to for your assessment center, it is always best to be careful.

In fact getting to somewhere within walking distance of where you are going and then wasting a bit of time is best - especially if you have a long journey, where the odd delay could add up to hours.

Remember those weird occasions where you were taking a 30 minute drive to the mall and some delay took it to 3 hours. You just don't want that for your assessment centers, do you? In fact you don't want anything to spook you at all, least of all something you could do something about - right?

Make it easy on yourself - get clear on where you are going for your assessment center, plan your route (checking out any known delays), and get there in good time.

Then, relax,go for a coffee (just one cup!) and read through your notes once - enjoy!
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