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Interview Skills Get Your Dream Job

Aug 17, 2007
You have got an interview call from wonderful company offering your dream job! You have to be successful at the job interview to bag that dream job. Go through some effective tips and tactics that can help you ace the interview.

Before going in for the interview, it is better to prepare and learn as much as possible about the company. Gathering background information on employers, companies past performance and future plans are a crucial element in successful interview preparation. Also its embarrassing if you forget the name of person who will interview you. So memorize it.

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. Arriving early will give you a chance to compose your self and also show that you are punctual. Make sure you are carrying extra copies of your resume or curriculum vitae. You might need if there is a panel of interviewers.

Prepare your self with answers to typically asked interview questions, so you may feel comfortable while answering them actually.

Good quality business suits for men and women are appropriate to wear at job interview. Make sure that your shoes and accessories are clean and polished. Besides the clothes, shoes and accessories, hair and hygiene are also important.

Behavior based interviews are common these days. This kind of interview allows the candidates past performance to be the forecaster of future performance. Detailed responses with specific examples of your work experience have to be provided where you can show your skills, interests, strengths as well as weaknesses.

When you enter the room, offer a firm handshake and with a pleasant smile and positive confident attitude, introduce your self. Do not make your self overtly comfortable. Sit facing the interviewer, diagonally if possible.

Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying or asking. Avoid staring. Maintain eye contact. Sit straight. Avoid fidgeting, being nervous, playing with your pen, rings or biting the nails. Be calm during the interview.

Speak clearly. Use a friendly tone and good grammar. Avoid saying just "yes" or "no" to any questions. Clarify; expand your answers if needed. And its ok to pause for a moment or two to frame responses before you answer any question. But do not ramble.

Show your positive and enthusiastic approach, but do not overdo it. Since you want to be thumbs up on all other candidates, show a good deal of interest during the interview. Whining, complaining about ex employers, job, etc is not a good sign.

Prepare your self to ask few appropriate questions. Avoid controlling the interviewers time as he/she may have appointments to attend thereafter. Salary and benefits can be discussed later when the company shows interest in hiring you.

If you sense that there is nothing to more to say or ask, it means that interview is over. Take that as cue; stand up and thank the interviewer for the time and shake hands firmly. You can ask when can you hear from them. Lastly you can express your interest in being hired by the company.

You can follow it up with a thank you note to the interviewer with a brief note mentioning your interest in the job.
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