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Structure Your Home Business The Right Way

Aug 17, 2007
All of us who operate our own businesses from home and online, use many different tools to promote those businesses. From software programs and online web services, to advertising sources and e-mail promotion ... we all make use of a variety of different means to ''get ourselves out there'' and increase our visibility.

In the main, working online these tools will fall into five categories:

1) Online Tools and Services.

These could include autoresponders, web hosting, site and ad submission services, communication services (instant messaging and online conference rooms, for instance), and article distribution services.

2) Software.

This category would include site and ad submitters, office suites, e-mail clients, contact management software ... the list is endless.

3) List Building Tools.

Here we find our puchased lead companies, online list-building sites, etc.

4) Advertising.

This category includes everything from Google AdWords to online marketing lists, safelists, and traffic exchanges. It would also include those hi-tech marketing gizmos that run as toolbars in your web browser or send e-mail directly to your desktop.

5) Training Resources.

These, of course, are the services we turn to for "success training", computer training, education in marketing and sales ... even spiritual and motivational guidance.

Sometimes these categories will overlap. But basically, that's it.

Now, I can hear what many of you are saying right now ... "You mean all that stuff I have to pay for, right?" ... Wrong.

If you are operating a home business online, and you're currently paying for tools and services of this kind ... you've structured your business the wrong way.
All of the resources I use to build my business are what I term, Supplemental Businesses. That means that they have an Affiliate Program ... free to join ... which will pay you ... either in "credits" of some kind, or in cash. I don't want to have to pay for the tools I use.

In fact ... I want them to pay me!

The way these should be used is simple in that respect: join them ... join their affiliate program ... receive your affiliate link. Pass that link on as you recommend the tool to your downline members, partners, or subscribers. Going further ... you can pass your link outside your downline through your mailing lists, safelists, online advertising sites, email lists, etc.

With just a few folks joining through your affiliate link in a Supplemental Business ... your use of that business as a marketing tool is usually paid for. You're now using the tool for free. With more enrollments in that business ... that tool is now paying you!

Here's the best part:

As your downlines in these Supplemental Businesses grow, they begin to provide you with something very important ... the operating expenses you need to continually expand your Primary Business! In other words ... if you structure your business correctly, the tools you use can generate enough funds to pay all of your advertising and operating expenses ... growing each month ... leaving your Primary Business income free and clear for your own personal use.

When you structure your business this way, you are operating in the style of what is known as a "Funded Proposal". It's a great concept. There are many "Funded Proposal", or "Funded Sponsoring" systems out there. However ... you don't need a system to operate in that manner.

I work daily with many Internet and Network marketing "Newbies". As I coach and mentor them to success in their home businesses, I recommend that, right from the start, they keep their eyes on structuring their businesses in this dynamic and self-sustaining manner. I recommend that you do the same.

Remember: You shouldn't be paying for your tools and services; your tools and services should be paying you!
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Steve Gaghagen is an expert in the field of home based business and MLM. Find out how he trains and mentors others by visiting his blog: "I-Marketing Secrets That I-Learned The Hard Way!"
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