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Does Your Own Website Deserve More Sales

Aug 17, 2007
Your own website needs a unique and strong brand, which is based on all the information, which your customers and potential customers have seen and heard. The valuable information and active marketing is all, what is needed to attract the target group to visit your own website.
I present here six proven strategies to promote your own website, you can pick them all or just some of them.

1. Your Own Website Must Communicate The Unique Expertise.
To be an expert belongs to the internet home business marketing basics. When an affiliate marketer reaches the expertise level, he is automatically seen as a brand, provided that the marketing has created enough contacts.

The expert image can be built in many ways, but the basic idea is that it is based on the best strength the the affiliate marketer has. Then it is on a natural basis.The expertise can be about the customer service, article writing, marketing, technical help, customer relations etc.

Take an example from the biggest companies in the world. For instance Nokia, a Finnish company, did not invented the mobile phone. Their expertise was based on the stragy and leadership. But it could have been based on some other factor too, for instance in the design, but they made their choice.

2.You Have To Know Your Product Or Service.
This is a must regardless what is your success factor. Most questions your own website visitors will make will be about the details of the affiliate programs or products you are selling, in some way or another.

People will recognise in two seconds, if you do not know the features of the products, so learn them. A good way is to start to use them by yourself, which increases the credibility dramatically.

3. Prepare Your Own Ads.
This is a splended way to personalize your offer and make it unique and different. You can find a lot of services online, where you can make ads for free or by a modest fee.The personalization will make the site visitors curios and clicking, which will increase the chances.

4. Be Active In The Discussion Forums And Help Others.
The target group in the internet marketing forum is one of the best you can imagine. People there are eagerly seeking new, more effective ways to reach their targets.

However, the forum is not a place to try to sell anything, it is a place where you can share experiences and get tips. One of the secrets to reach the authority image is the skill to discuss in the forum.
When your tips are working and people see that you are valuable, a brand, they can click your link.

5. What About Your Greatest Fans On The Optin Email List?
The list is your warm market. Do you send them autoresponder messages only? If so, make it better.

These people have subscribed your newsletter voluntarily and are eager to get information to run their internet businesses. You could post them the latest news or the link of your brand new article and try to build a two way, interactive contact with them. Does it sound good?

The product link can be a natural part of this communication but the useful information and news have the main role.

6.Your Own Ebook Has A Powerful Impact On The Image.
As a matter of facts, an ebook is quite easy to write. You can take the content directly from your own experiences. The target is to promote your own website, which means that the ebook must be a unique and different from the others. It is a great brand building tool, and with that you can both share useful information and get sales.

The ebook just have to include the links of products and affiliate programs to be useful. The readers need practical suggestions to be able to execute the ideas, they have just learned.

A working tactic is to give the ebook for free, when a visitor has filled his name and email address into the optin form.

All these above mentioned tactics work fine, when they offer a useful information to the readers about your own website. Here also the content is the king.
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