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Where The Money Is At In A Home Based Business Opportunity

Aug 17, 2007
One of the greatest strategies of business is the front-end and back-end sale. This is such a great strategy, especially for the American customer.

So many customers out there want nothing to do with a salesman, but they want so badly to buy and the funny thing is that it is so much easier to get them to buy something when they already gave you money before. As long as what you provided them the first time gave them value then it is bound to do the same the second time around.

Many people just want to know who to trust or in other words who will provide them with the best product on the market. You business could very well do that, but because of the fear of many customers out there today in society they won't even take a look at what you have to offer them.

Sometimes you will have to sell something a little more inferior that still offers value. This value will get them going and help appreciate what you have done for them. This product will need to leave something to be desired for the client or else there is no need for a back-end product for them to purchase.

This front-end product is probably going to be between $10 and $200 usually, sometimes the price could be more depending on the company and the product that they are offering. This can really create a great deal of success for a business because now you have a client base and you can offer them countless other things to purchase to achieve their goals.

The front-end is usually not a profit focused sale. Often you will not make money or even lose money, but the whole idea behind it is to make sure that on the back end you are creating a fortune and breaking the bank. It seems like an intelligent transaction where you lose $10 on the front-end and then make $5000 on the back-end.

The front-end product can be marketed in many different ways through radio, internet, newspaper, television, and mouth-to-mouth advertising to name a few avenues that work. If you can build a large database of names then you will have the chance not just to sell them a large back-end product or service, but you will also be able to cross-sell into other products and even merchandise from other companies that otherwise would be your competition.

The avenues are endless and when a client knows they can trust you because you provide value, then you could have a client for the rest of their life.
So brainstorm now to think of all the different products and services you can provide to your targeted demographic.

Look at what options you have as far as partnerships with other companies, even if they are your competition. The worst that could happen is that these companies say no, but the best case scenario is that it benefits both of you along with the client's long term needs. At that point you will understand what a large successful business really is.
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