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Improve Your Success: Leverage and Scalability

Aug 17, 2007
Leverage and scalability are two crucial concepts in affiliate marketing. Leverage means that you spread your campaign effort on other affiliates. This approach is absolutely necessary to make good incomes. The better your leverage the less effort and costs you need to spend.

To perform leverage you have to look for affiliates and JV partners and make them work for you writing articles, promoting, delivering press releases, etc. you have to have publishers display the ads related on your product and hopefully they have to perform a great optimization work to convince the people not only to click on the ads but also to buy.

You have to upload your product on market places e.g. Clickbank, PayDotCom, 1ShoppingCart, 2CO, etc. so that people can see them and promote them. Train and convince your affiliates to promote for you. Look for JV partners in forums, groups, seminars, special space e.g. JV Network. Use also distribution channel e.g. eBay and Amazon.

With scalability you increase the number of sales without increasing the costs or at least improving your ROI. All the methods above are good for the scalability but pay attention to Adwords campaign where at the end you can pay a lot.

Let also your affiliates perform Adwords campaign including their affiliate URLs. They get paid according to the planned commission but you they have to pay the cost for the advertising campaign. The basic rule is to increase your market share and volumes without a consistent increase of the cost with the aim to increment the income and improve the ROI.

If you follow all the methods and techniques described in this document you can really perform good leverage and scalability for your business and make money with less effort and save some time for your private life.
Another important thing to say is that when there are many people promoting your products and doing it constantly for a long period it is the best method to make your product increase its intrinsic value. If many people are talking about it that means it should be a good product.

There is no better way in the human being world to promote something than creating a buzz. At the end those who dont have the product feel like they are left behind and are automatically moved to purchase the product. Also if your product is selling well and many people are talking about the good quality and the great results they have after they purchased it other people will become curious and purchase it. Mike Filsaime says that in his last 2 launches he made more sales 5 days after or more as the buzz over his product was spreading so well.

Leverage helps you also in this way. It gives the opportunity to increase the popularity with the increase of number of people promoting it and for as long as possible.
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