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Wheels Come Off Your Job Search Scheme? Here's Why And What to Do!

Aug 17, 2007
Everyone thinks they have it just right--the perfect job search scheme!

Until they get into the job marketplace and get a shot of reality. Suddenly the perfect job search scheme develops serious cracks. And you find what you thought would be a couple weeks has turned into months.

The perfect job search scheme is, of course, all in the mind. And it's usually the product of last century thinking.

You know--write a resume, post it on a couple job-sites, email it around to some organizations, answer some ads, maybe contact a couple agencies or recruiters. And then wait for the phone to ring or your email box to fill up.

Doesn't work that way anymore!

If the wheels have come off your faulty job search scheme, take a look at this. A prominent east coast newspaper recently reported important employment insights from one of the nation's top job-search professionals. It's a reality check and a wake-up call for anyone serious about getting ahead.

"In a tough job market, those looking for work need to set themselves apart. Nothing does this as well as a face-to-face meeting.

"'Many people have a hard time getting out of the starting gate in their search,' says John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a top outplacement consulting organization.

"'There's an illusion that there has to be some agent, some source out there that has a pool of the best job opportunities,' he says. 'And this agent will go to employers and market my candidacy for me.'

"But the hard truth is that job hunters must be their own advocates.

"'Even the most self-assured CEO doesn't like to go out and ask for a job and get rejected,' Challenger says. He suggests using 'some aggressive or unconventional techniques.'

"'The goal is to contact an action person who will see candidates and extend the offer. Human resources personnel seldom make hiring decisions.'"

This article confirms the 21st Century changes in employment marketplace expectations. To repeat--they require "aggressive and unconventional" alternatives instead of old-fashioned methods.

So, you're old-fashioned job search scheme needs be seriously updated. You new job campaign can't rely on your resume to get you a job. Instead, you learn innovative strategies like developing enthusiastic career partners.

These fast-paced techniques can put the wheels back on your job search scheme and get you in front of hiring decision-makers in a matter of days. You could be positioned for a job offer in as little as 2 weeks. This is how you get winning momentum!
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