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How to Start a Home Business with Online Auctions

Aug 17, 2007
There are so many ways that for you to start your own home business and reap the benefits that come with it. In this article I will discuss generating some extra income by starting your own home business using online auction sites.

Did you know that there are tons of other places on the internet besides EBay where you can sell items of your choice? There are Yahoo, MSN, uBid, and Overstock auctions plus multiple online antique auction sites, in addition to another site that gets a great deal of traffic and potential buyers-Amazon. The greatest thing about all of these places is that they require very little or no experience at all to get started, very little money and hardly any time. Additionally, and probably most important to making sales is that these sites usually already have a ton of built-in, targeted traffic. It's hard for you to make a sale if no one knows where to find the items you have for sale.

Finding products to sell isn't as hard as you think either. You can get started with some old CD's, movies, books, or clothes that you have lying around the house. This will help you get used to the whole process. Then you might start expanding your home business by cleaning out your garage, attic, or storage. If you can't find much there, take it a step further and swing by some local garage sales on the weekends. A lot of people sell their old stuff dirt cheap just to get rid of it quickly, or they simply want new. You can also offer to clean out or rearrange other people's garages. While there, if you find anything they don't want, tell them you will dispose of it for them. If you think it's something you could sell online, all the better. Now you are earning money from the service provided and the items that they gave you, not a bad home business.

When you get your items listed on the auctions, be sure you have taken clear, detailed pictures of all items. You know how the old adage goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Be sure to keep in mind that a picture isn't enough when selling your items at auctions. You will want to write a good detailed description of each item that you're going to list. Make sure to tell people things like how it looks (just in case the picture doesn't load properly or they just want to read about it) how old it is, any relevant history, what the current going rate is for a new item like yours and what the measurements are. People like to know what they're buying in advance and will most likely buy from the person who gives them the most information to better help make their purchasing decision.

Make sure you have a god descriptive title, not a flashy one. Flash will not help you to be found when someone is searching for you however, good key words and descriptions will be a big help.

Do some research looking at other similar items to yours and pay close attention to the ones that have the most bids. Then, look to see what you think made that item more attractive, and apply that knowledge to your own auctions. With some practice and effort, you could have a booming home business in no time at all.
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