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Why Do Corporates Rely On Business Coaching Services?

Aug 17, 2007
The present world is full of uncertainties and fortifying ones status with regards to certain serious issues calls for tailor-made tactics or communication strategies. Corporations are facing lot of attrition due to high stress involved in the day-to-day working environment. Sedentary lifestyle reduces productivity to a larger extent in the organizations.

Americans spend around $60 billion to train their employees on fitness and weight managements as well as management of stress, relationships and also on communication skills. Have you ever wondered why corporates spend so much money on such issues? The reason is because it costs 10 times more to replace a trained working employee and than retrain a new one; hence it is a safer bet to improve the life and standard of an old employee.

Most of the companies struggle to achieve their targets and raise their employee performance level. But they find their employees stressed out and face the limitation of time and thus, are not able to achieve the desired results. That is the time when companies generally rely on coaches to assist the employees in achieving the fundamentals of health management, sales training programs, customer relationship training and goal achievement training as well as coaching. In an organization there are two types of coaching, one is corporate coaching and the other is executive coaching.

Corporate coaching- The general mission of the coaches is to support the natural synergy of the company and its employees and then turn them into a successful team. The coaches generally transform the basic organization culture that is from where the employees take advice and work to where the employees work together to achieve success and do the work passionately.

On implying this strategy the organizations achieve better results and the true creativity and potential capability of the employees are recognized. Generally, the members who enroll into this type of coaching are satisfied and fulfilled with the changes.

Executive coaching-

The management of an organization is responsible for the achievements as well as failures of the company and hence, always under stress. Executive coaching trains such people to manage the work well and achieve success by strong organizational objectives. Coaching also helps its members to balance their professional as well as personal life.

Many companies also provide corporate team building coaching which is conducted in training camps at chosen locations. The coaching generally aims at improving the physical, technical and personal skills of the employees. These coaches work on the soft skills or the people management. They equip the employees in effective communication, leadership, and mangement skills as well as on motivation.

Corporate coaching may differ according to the field of work, but generally the course includes the seminars, conferences, activities and games. These coaching tactics help the employees to face a healthy competition and also work as a team. These sessions or courses are basically in the form of puzzles, games, quizzes and physical activity or brainteasers, which sharpen the thinking ability of the employees. Every coaching session is followed by performance analysis of each team member.
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