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Tips For Hiring An Excellent Executive Business Coach For Your Small Business

Aug 17, 2007
Executive business coaching is a business that is becoming very popular throughout the US, with more than 10000 coaches offering their services. Although business coaching adds a lot of value to any business, few years back only 4% of small business owners used to appoint executive business coaches. But today, the scenario has changed and more than 20% of small business enterprises are part of the industry. If you are also a small business owner and you want to hire an executive business coach then you can certain to overcome significant obstacles and profit from the professional coaching. No matter what the reason is, there are some tips that you need to follow in order to hire the right executive business coach for your small business:

Get in touch with a business coach and ask for preliminary complimentary session so that you get a basic idea of his or her working style. Speak to the coach without any charge and make the decision. The time span for this session should be somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

Do not forget to ask about the method that the coach use. There are some executive business coaches who make use of particular processes, while other coaches do not follow any particular structure. Process center approach can usually deliver faster than an approach that has no structure. The result of the process center approach is more sustainable as well.

Make sure that you ask for results that you might be expecting out of this relationship. If a coach is good, he or she should provide the strategies and tools to help you achieve the desired results. Depending on the outcome, the coach can provide various options from 8 to 10 programs per week, to programs of 26 weeks.

Do not forget to ask for the tool or curriculum type and the schedule that will be adopted. If you take a look at the use of proven strategies and tools, it will be easy for you to achieve results faster. It is good if the tools have documented history of getting the desired results, no matter what the issues are, like leadership, time or sales management. Program schedule should be in accordance with the tools and it should also provide some flexibility around the schedule.

Always ask for referrals because if a coach is good, he or she can give you testimonials. You can get it in any form, from letters to verbal recommendations. Do not ask for recommendations if you have not narrowed down your selection of a coach.

You can ask the coach whether he or she also has a coach or not. There are chances that most of the coaches will refer to their coaches in an indirect manner in the initial stage of the complimentary coaching session.

When you are having a third session with the chosen business coach, you can ask about money back guarantee because after these sessions you will be know the material, process and relationship that will be applicable.
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