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Five Ways To Increase Targeted Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Every affiliate home based business is fueled by traffic. Especially high quality targeted traffic. With steady website traffic, a website can be a money making machine running on autopilot.

A website is your system for making money and the traffic is your hard earned visitors you work hard to attract. Targeted website traffic helps you enhance clickthroughs and build more commissions. Here are five ways to increase targeted traffic to your website.


Much like a journal where you write interesting and informative articles for readers. The articles you post on your blog can have links back to your other websites which are called back links. These back links help improve Page Rank in Google and search engine positioning for other related keywords searched by your niche market.

Start a blog at Blogger and Google will start bringing you traffic in two days or less with your own RSS feed. Google will distribute your content around the web and give you free targeted traffic.


Forms are a fun and easy way to increase website traffic and promote your affiliate marketing business. You can respond and start topics in forums related to your niche market and learn a lot about the market in the process. You are not supposed to blatantly advertise your products but most forums allow a signature which is a space under your posts where you can place links to your websites.

Viral Marketing

This is one of the oldest and fastest ways to build website traffic. You can do this buy producing a funny video and spreading it on YouTube or giving away an Ebook on your website with a few links to your affiliate programs product website. Allow your readers to freely pass your Ebook around and watch this promotion grow bigger and bigger with more sales commissions.

Social Marketing

Myspace is a great example. Myspace is now widely used as a highly effective Internet marketing strategy, if done right. Facebook is emerging as another great place to attract targeted web traffic.

Article Submission

Another guaranteed way to build your website traffic and affiliate online business. You can write interesting and informative articles for your web visitors. Article marketing, as it is called, will bring you tons of targeted website traffic that already wants to know more about your products and services.

To save time, you can make money on the Internet with an affiliate program that gives you article content to rewrite and submit to article submission directories. Make sure you rewrite your articles and mix in your own ideas to stay away from content duplication penalties from search engines.

Not only is getting targeted website traffic vital to the improvement of your online empire, it is also crucial where you are driving these visitors. The best idea would be to route them to an affiliate programs product website that will do a good job of selling the customer once you have done the work of warming them up to the sale. Again, all you need to do is pre sell, or warm up the reader by giving good information about the product. The companys job is to sell the product. Following is how to avoid affiliate marketing scams to make the most money online.

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn cash on the Internet and enjoy doing it too. This can only happen when you choose the right affiliate programs to promote. You want to get a high payout and be paid in a timely fashion.

A great way to prevent getting scammed in the online marketing world is to carefully do your homework on the program, such as in the Internet marketing forums. Ask yourself and other marketers the these questions about programs you are thinking about promoting.

1. Does the company have good affiliate support? Do they answer affiliates emails and have correct contact information?

2. Do they display their offline address?

3. What is the per cent of commission they pay; 30%-50% is the best.

4. Tracking system - this should be in real time and accurate.

5. Products should be well targeted for your market and of high quality.

Where to research:

1. Forums related to your industry. There are many smart Internet marketers who use the forums for reference. You can ask them their opinions about the programs they promote.

2. Discussion lists.

3. Look into the program carefully and read their terms and conditions.

4. Put the company name, plus the word scam, into the search engines and see what comes up. Dont believe everything you read however as sometimes these reviews are not all true.

GOLDEN RULE: Study the program before you sign up to prevent wasting time and money with affiliate scams. It is often smart to ask others if you dont have the answer. Do not rush, instead take the time to choose good reliable programs that will give you the profits you want for many years to come.
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George Watson is a successful Affiliate marketer and author. Read more articles to discover more ways to increase targeted website traffic at his Affiliate Home Business Blog and his Internet Money Making website.
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