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Former MLM Loser Reveals Secrets To MLM Success

Aug 17, 2007
I was a gigantic MLM loser! Company A (the names have been deleted to protect...) failure.
Company B, in it for 4 weeks, lost more money, failure. Company C, my wife isn't happy and I fail again and on and on and on it goes.

I was an MLM failure. I'll never do that again, no way, not me, I promise honey I will never do MLM again. But the bug bit me again, one more time baby and I promise this will be different than all the other times. She sent me to my room without dinner but somehow I convinced her to let me give it one more shot.

I heard MLM Guru Dale Calvert say that the difference between a big shot and a little shot was that the big shot kept on shooting. I was determined to be the little shot that could. This time I would not fail!

It was time to draw the line in the sand and pull out all the stops, and that's exactly what led me to life changing success. Success in MLM starts with a decision that you are going to make it this time. Sounds so simple, yet you'd be amazed how few people actually decide to succeed. Most people decide to give it a try. Well I'm going to give it a try Scott, I really am. Sure you are. When you say I'm going to give it a try all you are really saying is I am going to fail.

I'm going to try to come to the meeting Scott, I really am. How do you try to get in your car and go to a meeting? Can you imagine what would happen if you told your boss that you were going to try to go to work? Buddy you better be here or your fired! So what do you do? You go to work.

You must decide to work your MLM business, like a business, or you are destined to fail. Success in MLM starts in your mind, no seriously, it really does. What happens to so many people is that they get bombarded will all this negativity from family members and friends that they start to shrivel up and die inside. They don't ever want to talk to anybody about their new business anymore because they are afraid of facing yet another naysayer. Well, get over it or keep working hard on the job that you cannot stand, until the day you die or the day you get fired, whichever comes first.

Am I too harsh? Not if you are sick of your job or your life, and you want more than just the same old boring, oh goody I get a few hours this weekend! Sometimes we need a kick in the pants reality check and most people in MLM today would rather beg you, than tell you how it really is. I'm not going to beg anybody. Want success in MLM? Decide to succeed and then go do it and do not let anybody tell you that you cannot have life changing success!

Ignore the morons. Why is it that broke people listen to other broke people for financial advice? Not long ago a sharp 18 year old was talking to me about our business. This kid was intelligent and obviously had a great head on his shoulders. After we spoke he told me that he'd be in touch and sure enough he was. About an hour later he called to inform me that he wouldn't be joining our business because he had talked to his dad, and his dad didn't believe our business was real. I told him that I would love to have the opportunity to meet with his dad, since we were about the same age, hoping that we could find some common ground. No thanks, his dad wasn't interested in talking with me.

What had just happened was a case of the blind leading the blind. The father had worked hard all of his life but he was still broke. I'm sure he meant well and didn't want his son to get ripped off, but he sure didn't let the facts get in the way of his belief that MLM isn't real. And so it goes, day after day. So why on earth would I want to join an MLM company if that's the way it's going to be? Because it beats the heck out of working hard all of your life and never being able to do what you want to do, because you don't have the time or the money to do it. And if that doesn't trip your trigger keep doing what you're doing. When you want what you have never had you must be willing to do what you have never done!

MLM is the people's franchise. I didn't come up with that term, I believe it was John Milton Fogg who said it first. A lot of people would love to start their own franchise business, but they can't because they cannot afford the franchise fee and all the other costs associated with starting a franchise. I've got a good friend who was already broke but decided a cleaning franchise was his ticket out of his horrendous job. He and wife scraped up the money, worked all night cleaning buildings, after they worked all day on their full time jobs, and didn't turn a profit! Who needs that?

Success in MLM isn't a mystery. Decide to succeed. Work hard. Don't listen to people that don't have a clue what the heck they are talking about. Then work like crazy and stop trying to convince everybody that isn't interested, that they should be interested. Talk to people who want a better life, and then show them how they can have a better life! How do you do that? Find somebody that's already been successful and ask them how many people they have helped become successful. It's one thing to become successful, but there's a good chance that they are just a good salesperson. If they are successful and they have taught others how to become successful there's a really good chance they can help you become successful too.
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Scott Miller was facing bankruptcy and foreclosure and applied for food stamps before an MLM company changed his life. If you are seriously looking for an opportunity to change your life go to http://www.getoutnow.com. If you are already in MLM but would love to get help building your current business Scott will help you for FREE, at http://www.formermlmloser.com
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