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The Real Reason You Aren't Able To Sign Up Prospects For Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
Ok, you have gone as far in network marketing as to place targeted ads for your business opportunity. People are starting to call you about your opportunity. But you aren't signing up any prospects.

Here's why: 90% of you have been taught to send these people to one or more of the following resources: (Listed in order of popularity).
* Your company's replicated website that will tell them about the business and the product.
* A live or recorded conference call.
* Mail them a physical CD or sample packet.

First and foremost, understand this: 80% of your recruiting success comes in that first phone call, not through your marketing tools you send them. Why? Because most people buy into YOU, not your website or marketing material.

If you did the right things in the first interview, positioned yourself as a leader, an expert, and enabled your prospect to sell themselves on working with you, getting them more info on your company is just a formality and sometimes completely un-necessary.

Look, there are a lot of great network marketing opportunities out there, most network marketers know this, so they are not impressed by your company's pay scale or opportunity, they are all very similar.

They are looking for a leader. Someone who can bring them to success and show them, not only how to market their products, but also, how to find prospects to build their own down-line.

The question you need to ask yourself is, "How am I going to help my prospects build a businesses of their own." You probably haven't written your own course on network marketing you can give them, so what you need to do is educate yourself as much as you can about network marketing.

Read everything you can get your hands on, I routinely spend $500-$1000 a month on books, training cd's etc. Many of the top entrepreneurs spend upwards of $250,000 a year to educate and improve upon their skills. It is always worth it because even if they only learn one thing, that "one thing" could make them millions over the course of their lifetime.

Once you study and read enough to have the equivalent of a college degree in network marketing you will be able to position yourself as a leader and an expert. You can then pass on your expertise to your prospects so they can be shown how to grow their business successfully.

You can also contact your up-line to see if they have any info, books, or CD's you can use to train your team. Most of your up-line will want to help you build a team because it, in turn, builds their team as well. Never forget that network marketing is all about promoting your team.

Think about it from the prospect's perspective. Would you want to join a single person, pitching their company's product or opportunity like everyone else, or a sales team dedicated to helping members within the team build their down-line and become successful.

See what I am talking about, the product or biz opportunity doesn't really matter, what matters is the image of power and success that a team creates? I hope you are understanding why you want to pitch what your team and you, not your company, can offer a potential prospect.

Now, back to the first phone call. What should you say to a potential prospect. First of all, you need to take control. Get some confidence and approach the situation with this mindset.

You are the expert, the professional, and the leader. They are calling you as an employee would asking to be hired. They should be honored to be speaking with you and that you are giving them your valuable time. Do this instead of being scared and letting the prospect ask you all the questions. Leaders are confident and demanding, not soft spoken pushovers.

What you should tell them is that your "team is looking for a friendly, ambitious, person who can help us recruit and train a sales force. When we find the right person we will help them build a business right under them so they get commissions from sales and business building like the rest of our team." Then ask them "so, do you think you are interested in this, if we show you how to do it?"

See what this does? It positions your team as a big one with grand visions of success. That is what prospects are looking for.

It also makes your business exclusive because they have to qualify to work with you, and that they should. You don't want to waste your time on people who sign up and then quit in three months. You want network marketers in your organization that are serious about this. Make them qualify for your time and effort.

When they agree to join your organization start teaching them how to become successful, you will be surprised at the results. Follow the above steps and you can become an expert so you can teach your prospects how to grow a massive down-line.
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From waiting tables to millionaire at 29, Mike Dillard, is a professional marketer who has taught over 100,000 entrepreneurs from around the world how to tap into the power of his attraction marketing techniques. Sign up for his free on-line boot camp at: BuildYourOwnMLM.com
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