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Energize Your List With Content

Aug 17, 2007
Potential clients will be drawn to your website if it contains the proper content to keep their attention for sufficient time. Keeping your users on your site is of paramount importance and will require effort on your part as well.

The members in the list assume that they would be interested in what you have to say and, as such, are not looking for stale recycled commentary or the same articles resent after the first few are used up.

Fresh content makes the list stay fresh and crisp and keeps people wanting more of it. This may require the purchase of some new articles pertaining to your business and the website..

A website readership depends, to some extent, on the key word density i.e., a certain number of key phrases need to be distributed throughout the article to draw the attention of the reader.

However, the most important and attractive aspect of a website is a well-written comment or article on the topic at hand. If the article is only 200 words and those words are used in a powerful way, it will be an instant magnet.

For instance, if you have a tattoo site that sells packaged designs, there is only so much you can say and so many words you can insert that will sell those designs. The key is fresh and powerful content.

Develop a plan of action for your list prior to building it. Don't begin the list until you have some idea of how you are going to draw in new users and retain the attention of those who have already signed up.

The list is a small side business and as such will take some kind of business plan and strategy. Make your list a giving list that offers something to the people and that causes them to want to purchase that single product from you.

In the case of the tattoo website, you might tell how to choose a tattoo artist in the first week. This should discuss methods of determining whether or not the environment is a clean hygienic one and to be certain to check for various aspects prior to permitting the artist to work on.

These include sterilized equipment and other similar things. In the second week, you might talk about what first time buyers of a tattoo can expect when they arrive at the tattoo parlor.

The content can also include the after-care of the tattoo designs. Another newsletter could discuss how to accomplish tattoo removal for those who thought they wanted it, but have changed their minds.

The content should give back something positive and useful to the reader otherwise they will have very little reason to continue with it. Having said that,the content should help the reader with something and help him/her attain some personal or professional goals.

In this fashion, you can build a positive relationship with your list members. This, in turn, will have them bringing you new members you don't even have to look out for. The key to maintaining a loyal, active and interested list is to pump up the content.
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